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Is your practice ready for 2019?

As we approach the new year, let’s take a look back at the performance and quality of your practice management software. This software is an integral part of running a successful dental practice. It’s at the center of everything, from charting and imaging to scheduling and billing. The right software will streamline processes to enable you to grow your practice while simultaneously improving the patient experience. Did your practice management software deliver what you needed this year?

Ask yourself, in the past year:

If you experienced any of these issues, what’s your plan to prevent them in 2019?

No outages

Curve Hero is 100% cloud-based and is backed by Amazon Web Services, a robust data center with best-in-class protection, efficiency and fail-safes. Access your patient information from anywhere with an internet connection.

No interruptions

Curve is the only practice management software that requires NO downtime when you get started. Curve stays live with you in the background during implementation, and you can easily access your old software for as long as you need, giving you time to feel confident in the switch. You don’t have to close your office, no one needs to log off and backups aren’t needed. Our platform is simple and intuitive enough for temps and new hires to use with minimal training.

Stellar support

If you get stuck or require assistance, Curve offers 24/7 customer support, entirely dedicated to Curve Hero. You will talk to a real, capable person — in under a minute — when you call Curve support.

We know your time is valuable, so we're offering a $20 Amazon gift card after you attend a live demo with a Curve Specialist. To learn more about Curve Hero and to sign up for a demo, click here. 

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