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Advanced Search for Improved Searching Efficiency

With thousands of patients to sift through, using only limited information to search will provide you with way too many results to navigate through in a productive manner. Curve Hero’s main Sidekick search does its job well, but sometimes you need a little more horsepower. To that extent, we’ve introduced a new feature to help you efficiently find the needed patient: Advanced Search.

How does it work?

To accommodate detailed searching, we have added a new capability to the main search that will allow you to filter your search results by specific data. For example, you may have typed “John” into the search before and gotten a long list of patients and contacts that match that criteria. Now when you search for “John”, you can filter your search to only include results with a certain birth date or possibly a specific status, to name a couple.

American Version

American version of advanced search dialog.

Canadian Version

Canadian Advanced Search Dialog

Advanced search will mean you spend less time searching through a haystack of results, as well as guarantee that you bring up the patient or contact you are looking for. 

Expanded Shortcuts

We have also added in a quick link to the status shortcuts available for inline searches in Curve Hero’s main search. The list of status shortcuts is right at your fingertips!

Quick Search Filters

Quick Search Active Filter


This has been an eagerly awaited upgrade, and we are proud to add another utility to your productivity arsenal.



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