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Access Who’s On Deck From Scheduler

Earlier this year, we released our new Who’s On Deck feature. Many offices are already using Who's on Deck as part of their morning huddles to help understand the patients that are coming in today, tomorrow and the day after. Based on a lot of positive feedback we've made it easier and quicker to access. You can now launch the Who's On Deck dashboard from the Scheduler!

Easier to Find

Who's on Deck is a great feature for organizing your day, and is now readily available from the Scheduler. We realized you needed a quick way to access the dashboard from the Scheduler, and  added a link to Who's On Deck from the Scheduler (shown below). This will help you find the information you need versus spending valuable time rummaging around looking for it. Of course, it is still accessible from the Playbook Dashboards so you can look at your day and your practice as a whole.

You can now access Who’s On Deck from the scheduler in the top right corner.

Your morning huddles and your daily appointment and patient management will be much easier with the Who’s On Deck and Playbook Dashboards. Enjoy!

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