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You Don't Need a Crystal Ball to Forecast Your Practice's Future

Have you ever measured how effective the management of your practice collections is? Does your current software system offer a way to even compile that information? Understanding overall scheduled production and recare trends in your practice can be difficult to get out of many practice management systems. If you are looking for new software expecting to get these valuable capabilities included, it is not at all unreasonable.

So if you don’t have a crystal ball, a finance degree, or extra money to spend on stand alone business intelligence software, are you out of luck? No! You should expect more from your dental practice management system. At Curve, we help our customers make data driven decisions versus the ones made on gut feelings with the launch of our newest Operational Dashboards.

We’re getting great feedback on our Scheduled Production Dashboards. They allow you to plan ahead, so you can efficiently schedule appointments, cut costs, and give your staff time to plan ahead. We make it easy to see your total expected production based on a selected timeframe, providing a breakdown by provider and provider type.

Let’s say that a few weeks from now, you can clearly see you only have one or two appointments on a certain day. Knowing this ahead of time gives you the option to reschedule those appointments to another day to save on staff costs, or focus on bringing in more appointments that day to fill up your schedule. Instead of staffing a full office for that entire day, you can plan ahead for whichever you choose to do. Your staff will appreciate the heads up. Giving them the ability to plan and schedule ahead with Curve will help your staff feel important and everyone will end up happier, and more productive. Making a data-driven decision now allows you many more options instead of seeing those gaps in the schedule only a few days ahead.

If you want to take a longer term view of Scheduled Production, the Top 20 Scheduled Procedures dashboard of Long Term Scheduled Production is very insightful. Curve Business Intelligence gives you that actionable insight for the next six months!  You can easily filter the time period and provider type to better understand what’s really going on in your practice. It also You will be able to plan actionable insights for the type of procedures your schedule will be requiring. to ensure you have appropriate staff coverage for that time frame. Moreover, you can determine what your primary sources of revenue are expected to be and make adjustments to maximize profits.

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At Curve, we believe it is our responsibility to provide dental practices with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently run their practices in the cloud with the greatest of simplicity and ease of use. Sign up for a demo of Curve’s new Business Intelligence tools and Operational Dashboards now!

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