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The Top 4 Benefits of a Subscription-Based Model for Your Dental Practice

If your practice operates using a server, you’re probably aware of the significant, upfront costs of that hardware purchase. In addition to the cost of the server, you’ll need IT professionals to install the server, as well as outsourced IT on hand for when the server goes down, experiences a glitch or is subjected to a natural disaster or accident. Thankfully, you have an alternative option — a cloud-based, subscription model.

Maintenance savings

If your practice runs off a server, periodic software upgrades are required, sometimes accompanied by additional fees. You might not consider each upgrade to be a buying decision, but the cost and downtime required of these updates add up over time.

Using a cloud-based, subscription model spares you the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining a server. Upgrades are done overnight, so there is no disruption to your dental practice. Whenever you log in, you already have the newest features and updates at your fingertips.

Additionally, growing your practice is simple. Scaling in the cloud, whether it’s adding additional users or practices, is easily and affordably accomplished.

Work from anywhere

You probably use online banking, watch your favorite shows and films on streaming services and shop online — why can’t your practice operate the same way?

Access all of your practice’s data from anywhere with an internet connection. No need to VPN in to access your software from home or dial into (and wait for) an IT helpline. Sign in with your username and password, and you’re set.


Curve Hero is 100% cloud-based and is backed by Amazon Web Services, a robust data center with best-in-class protection, efficiency and fail-safes. Rest assured your data is safe, HIPAA compliant, backed up and easily recoverable.

A Long-Term Partnership

When you invest in a subscription-based model for your dental practice, your provider won’t sell you a server and disappear. At Curve Dental, we consider ourselves to be your partner, not your vendor. We have a truly dedicated support staff whose sole mission is to ensure your practice’s success. Our team is available to help 24/7 with any questions, concerns or specific feedback you may have.

If you’d like to learn more about moving to the cloud and streamlining your practice’s efficiencies, give us a call at 888.910.4376, or email us at


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