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Quality Software Begins with Quality Talent

Quality is a big focus for us when building practice management software at Curve Dental. The same attention to quality applies when it comes to building a team. As a result of Battery Ventures' recent investment in the company, we're looking to grow our team so that we can continue to improve upon our existing technology, Curve Hero. Additionally, we’re designing exciting new products that will help propel our VIP customers (all Curve Dental customers are VIP customers) to the next level in providing dental services to patients.

We are currently hiring for a number of roles across the company and, while we have a rigorous hiring process across all departments, each role is unique and requires the appropriate blend of skills to enable the candidate to be successful. As VP & Director of Engineering, I'm responsible for hiring technical folk, such as software developers, infrastructure and operations analysts, data services developers, etc. Software developers are the main focus of our hiring efforts right now.

When we receive an application from a software development candidate, we assess the degree of fit the skills on the resume show compared to the requirements of the job. If the fit is good we'll then do a short telephone interview to get to know the candidate better and also give the candidate a chance to find out more about the job.

After that, we ask the candidate some technical questions and then offer the opportunity to write some code to demonstrate their skill and knowledge of the science (and art!) of software development. Successful code submissions earn the candidate a face-to-face second interview which builds on the first interview with more in depth questions and further explorations into technical knowledge. For those who impress at that stage, we're then typically moving on to a job offer (and celebration!).

Are you a full stack software developer who has what it takes to make a difference in the growing dental software industry? Apply now at and share with us how awesome you are!

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