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On the Road Again - ADSO Summit 2018, Austin, TX

Another day, another airport! Big changes are happening in the business of dentistry. The industry is consolidating and shifting towards group practice and DSOs and the way dental practices operate is changing. We need to understand these changes so I find myself in another airport, waiting to board another flight.

I’m on my way to Austin to attend the ADSO Summit 2018 in order to learn more about the needs of group practices and DSOs. I’ve been to a few group practice meetings over the last year hosted by the Association of Dental Support Organization (ADSO) and the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) and it’s great to be around such entrepreneurial business leaders.

It’s amazing to see what is possible when smart, like-minded entrepreneurs get together. That’s what these summits are, a meeting of the minds! Leaders in the management and development of dental practices are getting together to share ideas, collaborate to overcome challenges and plan for their mutual growth and success over the next year.

I look forward to learning as much as I can from these folks and incorporating their teachings into our product. Curve Dental needs to stay at the forefront of industry shifts not only for our own business growth, but primarily to support our customers who are living the change. We are here to support our customers growth plans and be a partner in their success.

The best part of these meetings happens when I run into members of the Curve Community. It's great to see our customers at these shows and connect with them! Being in that environment sparks a lot of really good discussion about their growth plans and challenges and lets us know how best to help them.

I realize that it’s not possible for all of our customers to attend each show so we have a great alternative. Orange Summit 2018 is our user conference where you can attend training sessions, receive CE credits, and connect with like-minded Curve Hero users and Curve Dental team members to exchange ideas and collaborate on your growth.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the road!


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