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Ease of Use & Training

Let’s take a moment to evaluate your current dental software. Keeping up with day-to-day tasks can be challenging and stressful, but you have other options to consider:

How long does it take to train a new hire or temp worker to use your practice management software?

Once implemented, Curve Dental’s platform is simple and intuitive enough for temps and new hires to use with minimal training. How much would getting someone up to speed a day faster help your practice’s operations?

Is the user interface logical, intuitive and clear?

Our platform gets you where you need to go in fewer clicks, largely due to our various built-in integrations. No switching back and forth between scheduling, charting, imaging, your phone system, etc.

For example, without an integrated payment system, it takes approximately 30-60 seconds longer to process a credit card transaction. Based on the volume of an average small practice, that adds up to about an hour a day. If your practice is open 4 days a week, this accounts for around 200 hours a year.

How many more patients could you see with an extra 200 hours a year? If that’s one more patient a day, that’s 200 additional patients! What would that mean in terms of revenue?

Curve Dental has an integrated payments partner, Bluefin, that allows you take payments seamlessly, directly from the Curve Dental platform, giving you those hours back.

If your staff gets stuck on something, what resources do they have at their disposal to help them out?

At Curve Dental, you can send us an email, create a ticket within the software, call support 24/7 or access our customer infobase, Curve Community.

Do you have access to instructional materials, including step-by-step videos?

You have access to a library of information, from documentation to videos, all easily searchable by keyword.

How long is your average wait time on hold with support?

We answer calls in under a minute — you’ll be speaking with a real live (capable!) human. We know time spent on hold with your software provider is time that could be spent running your practice, so we’re proud to say we resolve 90% of all service requests in under 10 minutes. Let’s get you back to what you’ve devoted your career to — providing the best care for your patients.

Is support available 24/7?

With Curve Dental, our team of experts will always be here for you and your practice, even after hours, on weekends and holidays — at no extra charge. This is just one of the benefits of subscription-based model: We’re providing a service, not just software, so maintenance, updates, backups and troubleshooting are all included as part of your investment.

We won’t sell you a server and then disappear. We think of ourselves as your partner for life. We’re not done after implementation and training; we want to help you grow your practice and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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