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Curve Dental and Bluefin: A Winning Security and Payments Partnership

Healthcare Data Breaches are on the Rise

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights’ breach portal, there have been 261 healthcare data breaches affecting 9.1 million individuals since the start of 2018. Healthcare is a favorite among hackers because of the sheer amount of data being gathered, from patient’s insurance information, to Social Security numbers, to credit cards – all of which sell for a great price on the Dark Web. Thankfully, Bluefin and Curve have partnered to provide our clients integrated payment processing through Curve Hero, backed by the highest level of security with PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).

Curve Dental and Bluefin – Integrated Payments Backed by Encryption

This partnership brought our clients significant benefits, including:

  • Processing and reconciling payments right within Curve Hero — no double entry
  • Securing payments with PCI-validated P2PE, which encrypts credit and debit card immediately in a P2PE certified payment device, so it does not reach a healthcare system or network as “clear-text,” where it could be exposed during a data breach
  • Cost and efficiency savings, thanks to the elimination of manual reconciliation and a reduction in PCI scope from the use of P2PE

Integrated Payments and P2PE in Action, The Dentist Group Story

Last year, Bluefin published the story of The Dentist Group in San Francisco, owned by Dr. Joshua Berd, DDS. Dr. Berd wanted a technology platform that would allow his practice to run smoothly and efficiently. He chose Curve Hero, our cloud-based dental software platform for storing patient records, digital x-rays, and accounts – and specifically designed for managing a dental practice from anywhere, whether it be the office, home, or beach. Dr. Berd can review patient charts, manage billing and run reports. Dr. Berd said of his decision to go with Curve Hero:

“I feel like dental practice software is just like another person in your practice. It must be a good fit. It must perform well, and you also must enjoy working with it. Curve is very intuitive and user friendly, and looks nice too, which is important, as you don’t want to look at cumbersome software all day. Curve provides useful online tools, such as training manuals, videos and tutorials, all within the Curve app. You don’t have to look through a big book or thumb through a manual, pay for software support, or worry about servers. For those reasons I chose Curve, but perhaps the biggest advantage is having a software platform that is cloud-based.”

Dr. Berd also became a Bluefin client, choosing the integrated payment piece with P2PE. With strict HIPAA regulations on patient records, the amount of patient data that is stored within a network, and a keen awareness of the rise in data breaches within healthcare, security has always been a priority for The Dentist Group.

“Security is always at the forefront of everything done in dentistry. We have HIPAA regulations to consider, a lot of personal and health data that we store on our patients, as well as patient billing information on file, so security is always something we stay on top of and one of the things most vital to running a successful practice.”

You can learn more about the integrated payment option in Curve Hero and watch our video, or view the Bluefin case study on The Dentist Group.

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