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Dave Cormack


Dave has 35 years of experience founding and building successful software companies, the past 20 years working in applications software and SaaS markets within the healthcare industry. Prior to Curve Dental, he was President and CEO of Brightree LLC, the market leader in Cloud-based mission-critical business management and clinical solutions for the Post-Acute Care market. Throughout Dave’s career, he has always led teams to passionately “serve customers with honor, dignity, and distinction.”


April 11, 2020 22:00

Fearless Data Migration

This will be the summary of Webinare content that the view is about to join. It is much more than appears. When choosing a Practice Management Solution, make sure you get on the right track and the right train with Curve Hero - a cloud-based solution built for the speed of the modern dental practice.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  1. Why its easier to trust Software Engineers over sales agents with your data migration.
  2. Why our $40M investment back into our core offering should matter to you.
  3. Why now is the best time to move to the Cloud for safety, security, business analytics, and training.



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