Referral Program for IT Professionals

Join Curve Dental’s True Orange Partner Program


If the dental profession needs anything, it’s wonderful cloud-based dental software and IT guys who understand how the cloud can help their clients. Every day we tell doctors far and wide that they can save money on IT services if they move to the cloud. However, realizing that savings requires the assistance of a knowledgeable IT pro. And Curve Dental values the assistance and experience of a savvy integrator who is more of the “go-to guy” than the “computer guy”. Our customers need a good IT pro and we want to introduce them to the very best the industry has to offer

The very first thing we did when we began to outline our integrator partnership program was to ask integrators, like you, for advice. So we conducted a poll of every dental integrator we could find in the US and Canada and from that feedback, we’re excited to introduce to you the True Orange partnership program.

Check out the benefits of the plan:

$500 Referral

First and foremost the True Orange program is a business relationship geared to benefit Curve Dental as much as your organization. We didn’t skimp on the referral fee; we want to make sure you feel rewarded for bringing doctors to the table that are ready and eager to move their practice to the cloud.

You can refer a doctor to us two ways: You can always pick up the phone and call the program administrator or you can enter all the referral information online. If the referral closes within four months then we’ll send you a check. Our sales manager will make a gut call on the value of your referral if we’re already working with a doctor you refer (your added influence may help us close the sale). Of course, if you empty your contact file on us you’re not doing anybody a favor. To benefit fully from the program you should identify those of your clientele that are looking for new dental software within the next four months, talk to them about the benefits of the web and then, if they are interested, make a referral. Because stuff happens, we reserve the right to make changes when changes make sense for everyone. We’ll notify all of our partners of those changes, of course, and provide ample time for the changes to be implemented.

Business Promotion

When you join the program, we’ll add the name of your organization, contact information and web link to our own web page. We’ll frequently remind our prospective and current customers to contact you for expertise and know-how in moving to the Web. As long as you feel like you can recommend Curve Dental to your clients we’ll keep sending people your way.

Access to Curve Hero

We’ll give you your very own instance of Curve Hero, our Web-based dental software. Then you can access the software at anytime from anywhere. Show it to your clients. Access and view the many training videos, FAQs and extensive knowledgebase. We also plan to provide our True Orange partners with special integrator access to their clients’ systems, which will help you optimize performance. In the interest of protecting what’s ours, we may cut you off if we feel something’s not quite right in Dodge.

Regular Product Training

We understand how important product training can be to your business. That’s why we reserve about 90 minutes of training for you and your team every Friday (except on holidays and when California drops into the Pacific Ocean). Simply log into our regularly scheduled training webinar for dental integrators. The topic changes every week. If you need immediate assistance, you can call our dedicated integrator technician or you’ll probably find what you need on our super fantastic knowledgebase.

Secret Decoder Ring

Seriously. Many famous partnerships relied on a secret decoder ring to keep messages special and important. We’ll have a lot of fun with this.

Dedicated Technical Assistance

Our partners are given a special toll-free number to access a senior support technician. You’ll always talk to the same guy on our support team, which will build a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in working to help a shared customer.

24/7 Access to Technical Assistance

Many times you may be required to work weekends or evenings. As a partner we want you to know that we’ll be right there with you. Call us after hours, leave a message, and the support guy on call for that day will be paged and back to you just as soon as possible. We provide our customers with the same after-hours service, too, just so you know.

Deluxe Membership Card

Seriously. Stick it in your wallet, put it on the fridge, show it to your customers, or tape it to your forehead. Our goal is to build an awesome program both for you and Curve Dental.

VIP Access to Special Events

When we release new products and services we generally want our IT partners to see it and play with it first. As a result, you can share your first-hand experience with your customers—they’ll be impressed with your knowledge. These events may be held in a city near you or may be webinars or conference calls. You’ll be treated as a VIP at all of these events; if others are invited they may not be so handsomely welcomed and treated. For example, our partners may gain entrance to these events at no charge or at a reduced charge, may get reserved seating, or may be invited to a special reception or dinner. Whatever we do we’ll be sure to make our partners feel like an integral part of the company.

Program Requirements

  • Membership with the Dental Integrators Association is generally required of all partners. Curve Dental feels strongly that if you’re good enough to be a member of the Association then you’re good enough for Curve Dental.
  • As a partner we expect high fives and call outs at every opportunity. We hope you’ll be positive about Curve Dental whenever you speak to customers, comment on forums, etc. Should you ever feel uncomfortable with that, let’s see if we can make things work or let’s part ways with respect for each other. Conversely, if we become aware of a pattern of complaints about your service, we’ll talk to you about it straightway. If we must, we’ll suspend your membership.
  • A one-time registration fee of $300 covers a portion of the administration and training costs of the program. Our costs to administer the plan and provide training is much more than that, but we’ll pick up the balance.
  • Curve Dental reserves the right to change, alter, cancel, blow up, suspend, expand, or paint the True Orange program. We also reserve the right to pick and choose our members.

How to Join

To join the True Orange partnership program, fill out the form below. Once we receive verification from the Dental Integrators Association of your membership we’ll send you the good news: Welcome to the True Orange team!