Modernize your practice! Switch to Curve SuperHero,™ the all-in-one software that makes practice management so easy.

Curve SuperHero™ makes everything easy so you can focus on what’s most important– improving the patient experience while retaining and attracting new patients.


From scheduling, billing, texting, patient engagement, imaging, charting, reports/dashboards, implementation, support, training, data conversion, and more, we’re committed to delivering the industry’s best all-in-one practice management solution for independent practices and Multisite / DSOs. 

Ready to see how Curve Hero® can streamline, strengthen and secure your practice in the Cloud?


Curve Hero is a superb software that has helped improve every aspect of my practice. Curve has everything needed to run a efficent office and has helped me take control of my business.

Dr. Jason Streeter, Streeter Dental


As a Dental Assistant, I would encourage any dental office to use Curve Hero! its intuitive, the customer support is wonderful and the patients love it!

Brenda, Timothy Elloway, DDS


We love the cloud. Curve’s Customer Support is OUTSTANDING.

Donna Williams , James R. Bragg Jr., DDS


Curve is very easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere! The price is amazing!

Shannon Davis, Westside Endodontics


Curve's ease of use is amazing. Simple to train new staff members.

Jeanne Duran , Sonshine Family Dental


We've had Curve for over 4+ years, we are still amazed by the increasing fuctionality, customer service and transparent communication we experience.

Bob Inman, Gwen Jorden DDS


We love the ability to access the software from multiple locations, and the customer support is outstanding. There are constant improvements happening that make Curve better each day.

Ashley Griffith, Berks Prosthodontics


No more worrying about backups, Curve keeps it in the cloud. I can access my schedule from anywhere.

Dr. Paul Yeung, Paul Yeung, DDS


There are so many things we love about Curve you don't get with other software products.  It's accessible from anywhere; and as someone with multiple practices, being able to see them on one database is extremely valuable to us.

Ashley Smith, Orchard Dental


Adopting modern practice management software is a requisite to maximizing the efficiency and profitability of a dental business. I consider Curve to be the best of the lot … the Tesla of the market.

Dr. Scott Leune DDS, Founder of Breakaway Seminars


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