Curve Dental Announces Release of Custom Fields Feature

Megan Boyd
Megan Boyd
Product Manager
Custom Flags

In the landscape of practice management software features, one of the most highly requested is the ability to create custom fields. We recognized this need early on in our research for Online Forms.

The data your practice needs to capture

As a practice administrator, you have certain data that you need to capture about your patients. Through our years of working directly with offices in the design of our product, we know too that each office has its own specific requirements when it comes to patient data. This is where our new Custom Fields really shine.

What makes Curve Dental’s new Custom Fields so special?

In some form-building systems, questions are easy to create, but working with the answers they generate is not. For example, It may be very valuable in your practice to know what flavor of fluoride the patient prefers, or if they are seeing an osteopath. Where do you access this information though?

You could wade through sheets of paper in the patient’s file, or you might have to look through digital notes or files, but with Curve Dental’s Custom Fields, the data will be where you need it.

Unlike other form building systems, Curve Dental’s Custom Fields become actual data points in your patient database. With Custom Fields the data you care about is easily accessible.

Custom Fields Setup

Custom Field Flags

Our users love the flags that appear for patients with allergies or other medical conditions. With Custom Fields, we are introducing a new blue colored flag. Now if a patient has a custom data point that you want to display, it will be there, alongside the allergies and conditions, in the Sidekick, the Scheduler and other areas of Curve Hero.

Custom Field Flag

Another feature of the flag that you will appreciate is that you do not have to use it. In some cases the data you collect is important, but might not require the use of a flag. For this reason, you have control over the display of the Custom Field flags.

Trigger for Custom Field Flag

So far we have four Custom Field types:

  • Text input,
  • Checkbox,
  • Dropdown, and
  • Short answer/Long answer

How do Custom Fields work?

Custom Fields are created by Administrators and can then be added to online forms the same as any other default field. It is that easy!

Custom Fields in Online Form

If you have a Custom Field you don’t want to use anymore, that field can easily be archived. Changed your mind? The Custom Field can also be unarchived, and ready to re-insert into a form template.

In the future we are also working on other ways Custom Fields will be displayed in Curve Hero.

We’ve thought long and hard on this feature

Creating the Custom Fields feature has involved a lot of hard work from our team, and we have done our best to make the experience of using this new tool the best it can be.

We’ve taken extra care to ensure that you will create fields in your database that do not conflict with others that already have been created. When we released online dental forms Curve Dental had already added a large number of useful database fields and form questions. With Custom Fields, the possibilities are really endless.

To help avoid data conflicts we have built in validation against existing default fields, allergies and conditions and even other custom database fields. So, if you accidentally try to create a new Custom Field about a latex allergy, you will be warned that this data is already being captured in the Allergies area.

How does our practice enable this feature?

If your practice is subscribed to Curve Connex, you are able to create and use Custom Fields at no additional cost. Considering the other power features bundled with Curve Connex—such as automated appointment reminders and online payments—you can enjoy a grand scope of patient-connecting features at $100/month per database.

Call Tina Cook at 888-910-4376 x2004 to subscribe to Curve Connex and get access to Custom Fields.