Dental Practice Analytics

Dental metrics with more than just dashboards!

Coming in 2018!

The most annoying warning light in your car is the one that says “Check Engine.” What could be more useless? Dashboards can be just as pointless. A dashboard will tell you something is good or bad, but not much more than that. And if you want to create a specific dashboard, you’re probably out of luck.

Soon, Curve Dental’s Practice Analytics will provide insightful dental metrics and will be sharp, sexy, and smart as a whip. Here’s why:screenshot of dental metrics in curve dental practice analytics

Key Metrics for Morning Huddles. What you see and what you get out of the box are key areas of the practice that every doctor, manager, or owner should be closely watching.

Highly Visual Analytics. Curve Dental displays an array of different graphs and charts to tell a succinct story—like a superhero graphic novel!

Group Practice Ready. You can see analytics for one location or for all locations and avoid all the messy data consolidation tasks!

Fully Integrated Solution. Curve Dental’s Practice Intelligence doesn’t require uploads, downloads, or third-party software. All the functionality is built-in with, direct, on-the-fly access to your data.

Consultant Friendly. Generating, printing, and sending regular reports to your consultant is a time killer. Working with your consultant, Curve Dental can create a report containing all the data they want, which they can access at any time, from anywhere—with your permission, of course!

Many times, the difference between a good practice and a killer practice is how the doctor is reacting to data. Soon, with Curve Dental, you won’t need to be a spreadsheet superstar to massage and then interpret the data. Curve Dental will massage and presents summaries that you’ll be able to act upon immediately.

Practice Analytics by Curve Dental is coming in 2018.