Meet the Odontogram Your Dental Practice Needs

Megan Boyd
Megan Boyd
Product Manager
image of the curve dental odontogram and dental software in action

“If the reason for climbing Mt. Everest is that it’s hard to do, why does everyone go up the easy side?” ~ George Carlin

When we started the journey to rebuild and upgrade the odontogram in Curve Hero, we decided we would not take the easy path, so to speak. Rebuilding required much careful design and development. There were times when the oxygen seemed thin, when we slipped but caught ourselves, when we thought the easy path never looked better. But we soldiered on.

Today, the climb is over and we can say we made the world’s sexiest odontogram better than ever.

One of the key reasons for the rebuild was to switch the underlying technology of the odontogram from Flash to a more contemporary Javascript framework. The switch gives us more control over the integration between the odontogram and other major parts of Curve Hero. It’s also opened a door to many other possible features that before were not possible due to limitations to Flash.

But we didn’t stop with giving Flash the boot.

A key characteristic of an epic journey is that you may learn things along the way that were unexpected. Light bulbs go off. Ideas emerge. I mean, once you have the hood up and the tranny pulled you might as well make additional improvements.

So what else did we improve?

Performance Unrivaled By Any Other Odonogram

Once we dug down into rebuilding the odontogram, we found that we could make tweaks that improved the loading and overall performance of the odontogram and all of the related elements. We were able to improve basic charting performance but also annotations and labels.

Upgraded Teeth and Textures

We have rebuilt our tooth models from the ground up, updating the textures on the teeth and giving them a cleaner look. There is also an improved zoom on the teeth when hovering over them to make charting surfaces a bit easier.

Curve Dental New Odontogram

Improved Tools Interface

We also changed the sentence structure format used to select procedures. We have organized these procedures into a sidebar that provides for a better user experience, gives the odontogram more space to breathe, and sets the stage for further improvements to workflow and efficiency. We have also moved the advanced/basic mode selector and given it a home in the sidebar as well; it will no longer be in the way while charting procedures.

Odontogram Improved Tools Interface

We are proud to present this new and improved odontogram to our customers and look forward to bringing them more new features in the future. New procedure paint types and an improved user experience that will allow an office to focus more on a single tooth when charting procedures. We may have even more tricks up our sleeve but I won’t spoil everything here.

There are always other mountains to climb!