Imaging Compatibility

Bridges to other imaging software

  • Apteryx Generic (Other OEM's include; Prof.Suni, Dr. Suni, ImageDDS, CliniView, CliniTouch, MPDx, VisionDent, Belmont XV, Belmont XVLite, DentiMax Advance Imaging, DentiMax Imaging, MaxiViewer, MaxiViewer Lite, Lightyear, and QSI Image)
  • CADI (Synca)
  • CaptureLink
  • CDR-DICOM (Sirona)
  • Dimaxis (Planmeca)
  • Kodak Dental Imaging (Carestream)
  • Patterson Imaging
  • Romexis (Planmeca)
  • Sidexis  (Sirona)
  • Tigerview (Televere)
  • Visix (Air Techniques)
  • Vixwin (Gendex)
  • XDR (Cyber Medical Imaging)
  • XrayVision and XVlite (Apteryx Main imaging software)