Cloud-Based Software for Dental Group Practices

From Front Office to Back Office to Away from the Office

Curve Dental is a fresh, cloud-based management system with a full suite of management features, from the reception room to the operatory to the administrator’s desk. Every team at every location within your dental group practice will be more effective thanks to Curve Dental.

Dentist Team at Dental Clinic. Two Smiling Doctors at their Workplace

How? We strongly believe the software design and the user experience directly impact efficiency. We make sure there is a certain intuitiveness to every feature. Bottom line: We have the killer software to manage the killer group practice.

Our technology is 100% cloud-based and designed from the ground up to be used within a browser. You never install software. You never hassle with upgrades. You never worry about backups. You’re not chained to expensive servers and the IT costs that come with them. All you need is a username and password to get started. The smaller the technology footprint the more dollars your group will save, right?

We also provide our customers with exceptional customer service. We answer your phone calls in seconds and we have you off the phone and back to work in minutes. And we’re available on weekends, holidays, snow days, as well as work days at any hour. We’re big enough to provide remarkable customer service tools yet small enough to make every customer feel like a VIP.

7 Reasons Why Curve Dental is a Better Solution for Your Group Practice

Curve Dental Easy to Get StartedONE. Super Easy to Get Started.

We’ve been helping practices move to the cloud since 2005. Along the way we created a fool-proof implementation plan that you gotta see to believe—and gotta experience to fully appreciate it’s beauty. We’ve revolutionized training for better retention. We’ve converted data from about 100 different systems. We have a detailed plan for every step and dedicated, trail-boss-like implementation coordinators—very friendly folks!

Curve Dental Centralized ControlTWO. The Mother Ship has Central Control.

We understand how important operational control is to your organization’s success. That’s why we provide centralized billing, user management and reporting. Think of all the things you can do without ever getting up from or leaving your desk: Billing, scheduling, team management, and even adding a new location! Click and done. Wahoo! Some features coming soon. Call us for details.

Native Practice AnalyticsTHREE. Native Analytics by Practice and by Organization.

With our incredibly powerful practice analytics tools you can build any report to include any location or all locations. In addition to interactive graphs and charts, you can also build snazzy dashboards— or use the ones we’ve already created. Yeah, we just saved you oodles of time and gazillions in DBA costs.

100% Cloud-based MojoFOUR. 100% Cloud-based Mojo Go! Go!

Curve Dental’s management solution is designed-from-the-ground-up cloudy technology. We have 12 years of experience building up our technology. Unlike the newbies to the cloud, we’ve already experienced and grown from bumps in the road. It’s a pretty smooth ride now. The cloud is the only thing we know!

Cloud-based Digital ImagingFIVE. Direct-to-the-Cloud Native Digital Imaging.

Our digital imaging features are native. Just as charting and billing are native, so are our imaging features. As a result, you don’t hassle with inefficient bridges and lackluster integrations. You capture directly to the cloud using any of the more popular imaging devices on the market, reducing integration headaches.

Broad CompatibilitySIX. Really Broad Compatibility.

Our native digital imaging software works with nearly every popular sensor out there. But wait! We are like peas and carrots with the profession’s leading services, too. The Curve Dental ecosystem includes powerhouses like CareCredit, Solutionreach, Gendex, NEA, Bluefin, Suni, Demandforce, Vyne NEA, Air Techniques, Sirona, Planmeca, Lighthouse 360, DMA, XDR, Carestream, DigitalDoc, Acteon, Schick, QuickRay, Jive, ChangeHealth, and more!

Curve Dental Customer ServiceSEVEN. 24/7/365 Customer Service.

What do our customers love about us first? Our customer service! Generally speaking, your team will speak to a real person in seconds and have their call resolved in minutes. We’re always available: Weekends, holidays, nights, even leap years! We’re big enough to provide the service you want yet small enough to treat you like a true VIP.


Step-by-Step Implementation and Makes-Sense Training

Don’t forget that we’ve been helping practices move to the cloud for 12 years. Over that time we’ve tweaked and fine-tuned our implementation process down to a science.

  • We provide our new customers with a custom implementation map that clearly shows each waypoint on the journey to cloud Nirvana.
  • Our customers are aided in their journey by a dedicated implementation coordinator who has helped hundreds of practices already. Our implementation coordinators are trail-hardened, experienced guides who know every step of the road.
  • Our Internet-based training is more effective. Our training curriculum is broken down into bite-size nuggets that require only an hour or two to complete. The time to complete the training is spread over multiple days resulting in much better retention.
  • We can help one or two of your team members to become helpdesk resources for your entire organization.

Call us to learn more about our implementation and training services.


Making Group Practice Management Easier

On the cloud with Curve Dental your group practice will certainly enjoy a smaller technology footprint, which saves your dollars. On top of that, our centralized reporting, billing, and user management will make light work of frequent management chores.

Curve Dental Practice Analytics. Coming Soon!

Our practice analytics module is powerful, sharp, sexy, and smart as a whip. Here’s why:

  • Key Metrics for Morning Huddles. Imagine every one of your locations looking at key metrics every morning. Your entire organization stays focused on activities that make a difference.
  • Highly Visual Analytics. Curve Dental displays an array of different graphs and charts to tell a succinct story—like a superhero graphic novel!
  • Simple Data Gateway. When you double-click on any graph Curve Dental will pop open a window full of relevant data, so you can see the story behind the graphics.
  • Group Practice Ready. You can see analytics for one location or for all locations and avoid all the messy data consolidation tasks!
  • Fully Integrated Solution. Curve Dental’s Practice Analytics doesn’t require uploads, downloads, or third-party software. All the functionality is built-in with, direct, on-the-fly access to your data.
  • Create Your Own. If there’s a report or graphic that really lights your fire, you can create it yourself–a great compliment to our collection of ready-to-run reports.
  • Instant Gratification. With Curve Dental, you don’t need to be a spreadsheet superstar to massage and then interpret the data. Curve Dental does the massaging and then presents summaries that you can act upon immediately.

Learn More.

Centralized Billing for Improved Efficiencies. Coming Soon!

Your organization can save on postage and labor costs when the task of billing can be accomplished for all locations from any computer. With the right credentials, a key member of your team can accomplish this task from any location. You’ll have the option to print your own statements or send your statements electronically, which saves you even more time and money.

Centralized User Management and SSO.  Coming Soon!

With administrative credentials, you’ll be able to add new users and set permissions from any location. And to make it even easier for your team to login, Curve Dental uses Single Sign On (SSO) technology, which reduces login calls to your help desk.

Go Native!

Avoid Third-party Hassles with Our All-in-One Solution Set

Nothing can give your IT department more trouble than working to keep third-party software working with your management system. With Curve Dental you can avoid those hassles with these uniquely native features:

  • Native Digital Imaging. You’ll capture direct to the cloud. Your images won’t sit idly waiting to be uploaded. Learn More.
  • Native Patient Communication. Appointment reminders via text or email are an integral part of the management system. Learn More.
  • Native Patient Portal. Your patients can view appointments, pay their bill, or watch an education video. Learn More.
  • Native Online Forms. Create any form that can be opened by any device in any location-and all data is automatically updated! Learn more.
  • Native Practice Analytics. View dashboards and analytics for the entire organization or any location without leaving the software. Learn More.

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