Smart forms

Save time and boost productivity with online forms

We’ve all been there. You check into a healthcare provider’s office, you grab a plastic pen with a fake flower taped to the top, and you spend 5 to 20 minutes filling out details about yourself and your family in spaces laughably small to write in legibly.

Let’s skip that frustrating task, save time and give your patients the option to fill out forms quickly online. Your staff’s time is valuable; they have better things to do than transpose handwritten information into your system. This manual data entry creates a significant bottleneck in productivity and increases the chances of inputting errors.

The Curve Dental Difference



We provide ready to use forms, or you can easily and quickly build your own.



Email and text reminders encourage patients to complete their online forms.

Real Time


Forms are automatically stored in one place, accessible from the patient record, and data can be accessed within Curve before the patient is seen in the office, sparing you time-consuming data entry.

Key Features


Easily create forms: Create any form with quick drag and drop simplicity, and make custom fields to meet your specific needs.

Digital signature: Your patients can sign any form with any device using only a finger.

HIPAA compliance: Data is never stored on any device and goes directly into the Curve Dental platform.

Clean, simple interface: Creating forms with custom fields is quick and easy.

Fill out anywhere: Patients can complete online forms on their computers (Mac or PC), smartphones or tablets. All forms are mobile ready and easy to view and submit on any device. If a patient changes information that is different from what is already on file, Curve Dental will flag your team to the change.

See our dental software in action!

Curve in Action


  • Automated email and text reminders reduce no-shows and improve patient communication.