Curve Hero Features Overview


With Curve Dental’s patented technology, you can capture digital images directly to the cloud with almost any sensor, pan or camera. Our dental imaging features are native to the rest of the management system, just like scheduling and charting are native to the system. No bridges. No tricky integrations. Just simple dental imaging software. Learn more.


Curve Dental took an entirely different path to dental software and dental charting software. You’ll first notice the incredible visual appeal and stunning presentation of the chart. The software carries a host of features that are sure to simplify your dental practice’s operations. Learn more.


Dental appointment scheduling is the bread and butter of your practice. Curve Dental will add some sweet honey to your meal! When looking for dental scheduling software, doctors and their staff are looking for key features to simplify their processes. We provide a solution to save you time and avoid any headaches with scheduling! Learn more.

Credit Card Processing

Reduce your receivables and improve cash flow with Curve’s unparalleled dental credit card processing. Learn more.


From a business perspective, there are three key tasks that the dentist and their staff must complete regularly to keep the dental practice open. One of those is dental billing; the other two are recall and insurance management. Dental billing is critical to every dentist, not only because it is a means whereby the DDS is reimbursed for their services, but it’s also an extension of the dental office. Learn more.

Curve Connex

A suite of features that will help you stay in touch with your patients even when the office is closed. Learn more.

Online Dental Forms

A busy front desk team has more important tasks than entering data from a paper form or PDF file. Your dental practice needs online patient forms from Curve Dental. Learn more.


Curve Dental will provide you with an organized view of your practice’s financial and patient data with our preferred collection of dental reports for your practice. You can choose from a list of ready-to-run reports that cover all the bases, or you create a custom report to fit any particular purpose and save it as a template for future use. Learn more.


Curve Dental has partnered with DrFirst to deliver a cloud-based ePrescribe software conveniently integrated with Curve Hero: An award-winning ePrescribe solution right at your fingertips! With ePrescribe, you send your prescriptions digitally to any pharmacy in the US, including controlled substances. Learn more.