Mac Compatible Dental Software

Dental Software for the Enlightened Mac-Based Dental Office

image of curve dental software for mac in actionIf you’re an Apple and Mac lover, Curve Dental is a wonderful solution. Curve Dental delivers dental software for macs with simplicity, usability, and superior functionality—just like the Mac computer itself. What’s more, there is nothing to install. All you need is a URL, and your iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro turns into a Mac dental software powerhouse.

For years, dentists with an eye for the Apple Mac have had only limited choices. Very limited choices. Dental software for macs were few and far between. And, what choices there were never seemed to be as Apple-cool and Mac-simple as you’d expect them to be; they looked too industrial, or just straight up did not feel like dental software for the Mac.

But that’s not the case anymore. With Curve Dental, you can love your practice with Mac hardware and choose software that’s just as beautiful. Everything you can do with a PC you can do with a Mac using Curve Dental—even with digital imaging, as long as you’re using devices with Mac-compatible drivers.

Though we have our preferences, we don’t discriminate between Mac or PC. In fact, we wonder why you’re confronted with an either-or choice in the first place. Curve Hero offers dental software for Mac and PC, so you don’t have to choose. In fact, our own company is a mish mash of Windows PC and Apple Mac users! And, though our development team uses Macs over PCs at about a 10 to 1 ratio, we still make sure it runs natively on all platforms.

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