Reports and Dashboards for the Dental Practice

Curve Dental will provide you with an organized view of your practice’s financial and patient data with our preferred collection of dental reports for your practice. You can choose from a list of ready-to-run reports that cover all the bases, or you create a custom report to fit any particular purpose and save it as a template for future use.

screenshot of curve dental reports software

Quick access to common and relevant reports will put you in touch with the data you want to see. With every report, you will have four convenient options:

  • Download the information in a .csv format
  • Print the report
  • Send letters using the data in the report.
  • Save reports—you never have to create the same report twice!

What’s more, with every report, you can adjust the way the data is presented to the way you want it presented. You can reposition a column, add filters on the fly or remove filters—the displayed report will be updated in a flash.

Reports You’ll Find in our Dental Reports Software:

  • Useful Patient Reports. You can view and/or print a collection of reports to help you better understand who your patients are, such as demographic information and medical alerts.
  • Simple Scheduling Reports. You can quickly create and view a scheduling report to see which patients have appointments for any given date, procedure, length, or status for any provider.
  • Relevant Insurance Reports. Insurance management is a daunting task for any dental practice. With Curve Dental managing insurance becomes much more manageable.
  • Effective Clinical Reports. Handy treatment plan reports will help zero in on unscheduled treatment plans, which will boost your bottom line.
  • Accurate Financial Reports. Our software delivers on-the-fly financial information for a number of different purposes: Production, collections, aging, and more!
  • Key Recare Reports. Recare is critical to the success of any dental practice and our reports make analyzing Recare quick and easy.
  • Miscellaneous Reports. You’ll find a collection of other reports to help you build and manage the killer practice.
  • Custom Reports. If you don’t see what you need, you can take an existing report and modify it. Or you can create your own report from scratch.

Want to see more of our reporting capabilities? Call one of our dental software consultants at 1-888-910-4376 today!