Capture digital images directly to the cloud

With Curve Dental’s patented technology, you can capture digital images and securely store them in the cloud in real time. Just like our charting and scheduling, our imaging features are all included in our platform — meaning no third party or external bridges or tricky integrations.

From advanced measurement tools to pre-set image manipulations, Curve offers the leading cloud-based imaging solution — you should expect more from your practice management software.


The Curve Dental Difference

  • You can access your images, in real time, from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the ability to support patients during off hours.

  • There’s no need to invest in a server or IT resources to manage your server.

  • Curve Dental software is compatible with most TWAIN devices, so we can integrate with almost any sensors, pans and cameras out there.


Key Features

Ease of use: Our intuitive user interface makes Curve’s dental software easy to learn and use, and our imaging feature is no exception. Our technology overlays FMX images over patients’ restorative charts, giving you a clear understanding of what you’re examining. Easily control the opacity with a sliding bar, so you can view the image with or without the chart.

Image manipulations: Save time by recording and saving a series of preferred manipulations and filters. From there, you can simply apply the same set of adjustments to any images with a click of the mouse. Easily adjust contrast, brightness, gamma, rotate, sharpen and invert.

Measurement tools: Measure root depth, angles signifying impingement, areas and distances for abnormalities and pockets. Trace paths through the anatomy to establish the right treatment approach. Save all measurements, notes and images directly to the patient record.

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Cloud Security

Unlike server-based systems, all your data, including your images, are backed up to the cloud in real time. Curve Dental is built on Amazon’s industry-leading Web Services Platform, the most robust and trusted web service provider available.

Your data is always accessible, and always protected, so there’s no need to invest in a server for image storage. You’ll never have to worry if your information is safe in a server again — data storage and cybersecurity are included as part of your monthly Curve subscription.

While most of our customers prefer to use Curve’s native imaging, we want to provide as much flexibility as we can, so you have the option to keep your existing imaging software without any additional investment.

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