Online Dental Patient Forms

Stop Wasting Time and Money!

In your waiting room you may find the biggest elephant that nobody wants to talk about. It’s killing valuable production time, frustrating your patients and your team and throwing mud on your professional image. You’re losing valuable production time because paper forms are a serious bottleneck to increasing productivity. Your professional image is getting muddied by dirty clipboards and string tied to a nasty pencil. And you’re frustrating your patients who don’t want to hassle with forms at the office. A busy front desk team has more important tasks than entering data from a paper form or PDF file. Your dental practice needs online patient forms from Curve Dental.

Online Dental Patient Forms | Curve Dental

With Curve Dental’s online patient forms you maximize scheduling efficiencies, enhance your professional image, and never hassle with paper forms. Here’s how:


Any Form

Create Any Form With Quick Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Whether your patients complete one form or a handful of specialized forms, Curve Dental rocks it. Your patients can choose from a list of ready-to-use forms or you can build something specific for your practice, creating custom fields to meet your needs. You can design a form using just a mouse with simple drag-and-drop functionality—super duper easy. What’s really cool is all information–even custom fields–captured by a form automatically updates the patient’s record in Curve Dental. Shebang!

Online Forms Anyplace

Any Place

Complete forms from Home, Work or Play

Your patients can complete their forms from anywhere. From home? Yes. From work? Yes. From the beach? Yes. While catching the red eye from LAX to JFK? Sure! All you need is an Internet connection. After logging into a secure patient portal, your patients can complete any form and submit their information in a jiffy—and all information  updates their patient record in Curve Dental. Handy email and text reminders increase completion ratios, too!

Online Forms Using Any Device

Any Device

Your Patients Can Complete Any Form Using Any Device

To compliment our “fill out that form anywhere” mantra, your patients can also use any device. Our forms will automatically adjust to fit any screen for a super professional look to match your killer practice. And remember: When your patients submit a form all information is written directly to Curve Dental. That’s a big deal. The front desk team will love the fact that they’ll never again transfer information from a paper or PDF form to the computer. That’s progress!

Online Forms Always Updated

Always Updated

Forms Data is Written Directly to Curve Dental

If your patient indicates on a form they are allergic to latex, that important information is automatically written to Curve Dental for your team to see. If a patient changes information that is different from what is already on file, Curve Dental will flag your team to the change. You can also capture digital signatures! Our online dental patient forms are the easiest way to collect, process, and manage patient information.

Other Key Advantages
  • Digital Signature: Your patients can sign any form with any device using only a finger
  • HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant: Data is never stored on any device
  • Clean Interface for Simplicity: Create a form in minutes
  • Custom Fields: Any form? Yeah, we really mean it.


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An Amazing List of Features!

Ultra-simple Template Builder
  • A simple, fast and easy way to build forms in minutes
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Create and manager all templates within Curve Dental
  • Control who can edit or create templates
  • Includes Curve Dental standard templates (demographics, history, consent)
Amazingly Awesome Digital Forms
  • Keeps patient information updated on the fly
  • Pre-poplulates forms with the latest information–you patient rarely starts from a blank form
  • Data is saved as each field is completed so nothing is lost should a connection drop
  • Use any device
  • Forms automatically format to fit the device’s screen for optimum usability
  • Data is validated for correctness, keeping the patient record free of junk
  • Forms can be started and then finished later–patients can pick up where they left off
  • Forms can be edited and reviewed by you at any time
Expanded Patient Profile
  • Take advantage of a crazy-huge library of standard questions including:
  • Patient demographics
  • General questions
  • New dental and medical questions based on the most commonly used questions determined by the American Dental Association
  • Medical alerts, including allergies and conditions–even custom alerts you may have already created
Online Forms that are On Point!
  • Supports family forms: The HOH can complete forms for everyone in the family
  • Accessible via login, making it HIPAA-compliant
  • Works on any device
  • Complete forms from home or on the go
Super Simple Kiosk
  • Support for any device: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet
  • Ability to manage kiosk devices, secure them, disable them
  • Modern login methods for both staff and patients using access codes
  • Send forms for an entire family so Mom can fill them out for everyone
Zippy Electronic Signature
  • Add a signature to any form
  • Customize a message related to the signature
  • Sign from anywhere
Curve Online Forms on iPad
Curve’s new online forms can be used on any device, like an iPad or smartphone

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