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What's So Scary About Moving to the Cloud?

We’ve already discussed how time-consuming, expensive and risky servers can be. Moving your practice to the cloud seems like the logical option, but a change like that is not always met with enthusiasm.

So what are the most common issues that can make moving to the cloud so scary?


Your day-to-day duties can be pretty similar, and you have a routine with systems in place that you may have been doing for years. The practice has some comfort zones, and change will force you out of them. The thought of handing over your practice information, patient charts and x-rays to the cloud can feel akin to handing over your security blanket.

“This is the way we’ve always done it. Here’s our server room. And here’s our IT guy, Paul.”

Paul, who charges $180 an hour, works hard keeping your systems going, but you are effectively tethered to your servers. Moving to the cloud can greatly reduce or maybe even eliminate your IT costs all together.

If you want to make your practice more modern and 21st century, in-office server-based software just can’t accomplish that. While there may be hesitation or pushback initially, a fully-functioning cloud platform will benefit the entire practice — from the front desk to assistants, hygienists and the dentists themselves.

The learning curve/staff rebellion

With Curve implementation, we will guide you through everything. We offer 18 hours of training. We’ve found that practices get up to speed very quickly thanks to the simple, clean design we’ve built for thousands of other dental practices. Stuck on something? We are here to help 24/7, every day of the year.

Our training philosophy is essentially this: No question is dumb. We will hold your hand, and ultimately, we will “go live” together. Curve Hero is a quick learn, and you might be surprised to see skeptical staff grow to love their new system after they get more work done in fewer clicks and pages. And, after they get more time to see patients, most staff who are initially hesitant become the biggest Curve enthusiasts.

Patient data loss

With no physical server to get damaged, moving to the cloud is safer with fewer costs. You don’t have to rely on an IT company to back-up and save your data. It is our job as your partner to keep your practice and patient information safe and HIPAA compliant. Curve Dental is backed by Amazon Web Services, the most robust and trusted web service provider out there. They spend billions to make sure there are numerous fail-safes across multiple servers with-in the cloud.

It’s also important to note, adopting the Curve platform isn’t merely a flip of a switch. It takes a little bit of time, but you have the ability to access your old system for 90 days if needed to ensure nothing is lost. Best of all, the conversion happens in the background; you can conduct business as usual with no down time or the need for everyone to log out first.

There is great peace of mind buying software from experts who will guide you through set-up, implementation and maintenance.

You’ll see the results once Curve is implemented into your practice. Due largely to streamlined processes, you’ll have less clicks, fewer pages, less awkward integrations, and more patients who love coming to your practice. Your practice will also notice significant savings. Now you can access your patient data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a browser.

We think of ourselves as your partner for life. We’re not done after implementation and training; we want to help you grow your practice and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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