Join Curve Dental’s True Orange Partner Program

First and foremost, the True Orange program is a business relationship geared to benefit Curve Dental as much as your organization. We didn’t skimp on the referral fee; we want to make sure you feel rewarded for bringing doctors to the table that are ready and eager to move their practice to the cloud.

You can refer a doctor to us two ways: You can always pick up the phone and call the program administrator or you can enter all the referral information online. If the referral closes within four months, then we’ll send you a check. Our sales manager will make a gut call on the value of your referral if we’re already working with a doctor you refer (your added influence may help us close the sale). Of course, if you empty your contact file on us you’re not doing anybody a favor. To benefit fully from the program, you should identify those of your clientele that are looking for new dental software within the next four months, talk to them about the benefits of the web and then, if they are interested, make a referral. Because stuff happens, we reserve the right to make changes when changes make sense for everyone. We’ll notify all of our partners of those changes, of course, and provide ample time for the changes to be implemented.


Program Requirements

  •  Membership with the Dental Integrators Association is generally required of all partners. Curve Dental feels strongly that if you’re good enough to be a member of the Association then you’re good enough for Curve Dental.
  • As a partner, we expect that you’ll be positive about Curve Dental whenever you speak to customers, comment on forums, etc. Should you ever feel uncomfortable with that, let’s see if we can make things work or let’s part ways with respect for each other. Conversely, if we become aware of a pattern of complaints about your service, we’ll talk to you about it straight away. If we must, we’ll suspend your membership.
  • A one-time registration fee helps to offset the costs of the administration and training associated with the program. 
  • Curve Dental reserves the right to change, alter, cancel, suspend, or expand the True Orange program at any time.

How to Join

To join the True Orange partnership program, send an email to  Once we receive verification from the Dental Integrators Association of your membership, we’ll send you the good news: Welcome to the True Orange team!