A Clean, Simple Interface Saves You Time–and Time is Money!

Andy Jensen
Andy Jensen
User interface comparison-Curve Dental


Updates are great, features are helpful to business, but the first thing you see when you get on a software, is what you see– the interface. This may be a subtle detail, but after staring long enough, isn’t it nice to have a clean updated look?

One of the first things you’ll notice about Curve Dental is how clean and simple the software looks. If you compare just our chart for example, with any other chart, you’ll agree that ours is much cleaner. Some say our chart is “the sexiest odontogram in the world.” I’ve been in the dental software business for 20+ years and I’d say, “yes, it is!”

What’s the big deal about better looking software?

Two key points to make:

First, if your job requires you to interact with software all day long, wouldn’t it make your job much easier and more enjoyable if the software was at least aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely! Who wants to work with ugly, disjointed, unimaginative software all day every day? I don’t! Software that thinks outside the box quickens the mind. Software designed for a web browser, like Curve Dental, is generally more user-friendly and cleaner than traditional, out-of-date client-server software.

Second, cleaner software means it’s easier to use. I’ve posted an example below. The top screen is the profession’s most popular software showing procedures attached to a particular claim.

Comparison of user interface-Curve Dental

The bottom screen is Curve Dental’s approach to providing you with the same information. The difference is pretty much night and day. How nice is it to look at the second one compared to the first. Just another way Curve Dental is helping dentists achieve an excellent practice.
What software is in your practice?