10½ reasons Why the Web Makes More Sense:

Across every industry and in every market, web-based technologies are taking the lead in performance, connectivity, quality, efficiency and total ROI. Wed-based systems enable you to have a more connected and simplified lifestyle — they put you in control instead of "the IT guy". Somehow, the dental software industry has been left behind without an alternative. The alternative is here and it's called Curve Dental. Here are some key benefits of web-based Curve Dental.

1. Always the Latest and Greatest.

Curve installs upgrades overnight, while you're sleeping. No disruption to the office, no worry about lost productivity. You wake up, log in, and you've got the latest and greatest. You also don't pay extra for the upgrades; they are part of the service fee (along with every other benefit on this page).

2. Available 24/7/365.

"Our servers are down" will never be an excuse again. The phrase is almost cliché, but the pain is very real. Curve Dental guarantees 99.95% uptime, equivalent to a typical reboot once a month. To ensure delivery on that promise we provide the industry's most robust hosting solution, boasting business continuity planning and "redundant redundancy." Literally, our west coast data center could fall into the ocean (or be destroyed by earthquake, fire, flood, or misguided missile), and you wouldn't know it (unless you were watching the news); your system would still be up because we even have redundant data centers. If one goes off-line for any reason, the other picks up the slack without missing a beat (or byte, as the case may be).

3. Say "Goodbye" to Backups and Storage.

It's not that you don't need a backup — you do. It's just that your backup has a 50% chance of failing; plus, it's a hassle to make them every day (and maybe every day isn't often enough). In contrast, we will be backing up your data every hour of every day. And, it's all done in a redundant and HIPAA-compliant structure. So, stop worrying and rest well, knowing the heart of your business (that's your patient data, of course) is much safer when it's managed by professionals. We'll leave the dentistry to you; you leave the backup to us.

4. No Expensive Network Servers or Database Software.

With Curve Dental you don't need to purchase, maintain nor upgrade these expensive, big computer boxes that you typically hide in a broom closet somewhere. Basically, if you have access to the Internet, you have access to your system—no server required!

5. No Up-front Software Fees.

Just pay monthly as you use the software. You will not see major upfront software license fees or annual software upgrade fees. But you know what? The really humungous savings aren't so visible. Have one of our software specialists do an ROI analysis based on what you are currently spending and you'll quickly become a believer.

6. Save Money. Make Money.

Like an iceberg, most of the costs of traditional legacy software are out of sight and below the waterline. That doesn't mean you don't pay for them; you just don't see them. For example, IT service calls, software maintenance, hardware upgrades, staff time in doing backups, or upgrades are just a few of the hidden costs of legacy systems. Whether it's time or money, there's a cost (and we know that time is money). With Curve Dental, the actual costs are all above the waterline; much more efficient, much less expensive when you add up all the real costs. Ask one of our software specialists for an ROI analysis for your practice based on your unique characteristics. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how your bottom line can improve.

7. No More Hardware Hassles.

Many a headache is attributable to loading software on every computer in your practice, then configuring every computer in your practice, and then upgrading every computer in your practice to work with the new software. The whole process is much easier (and cheaper) when all you need is an Internet connection. Most dental offices cannot afford to have a full time IT guy on staff – and quite frankly, you shouldn't need one. Take a moment to run an accounts payable report and you'll be surprised how many dollars you pay for IT assistance. And that number doesn't include the time you and your staff spend trying to keep the network running! We're not attacking IT guys—we're attacking software that requires a server. In fact, we suggest you partner with a really good IT guy to help you move to the cloud and save you more money over the long term. (If you're looking for a really good IT guy check out our list of True Orange partners, all of whom are members of the Dental Integrators Association, which we support.) With Curve Hero, the headaches and hassles of keeping the network running will become a thing of the past (just as installing software will become old fashioned, too!).

8. Work From Anywhere at Anytime.

With Curve you don't need special software and all the setup hassles that go with it. You simply need web access. You can schedule a flight to Cancun from Starbucks; you can securely manage your retirement portfolio on the web; shouldn't you be able to manage your practice using the web, too? Sure you can use stuff like PCAnywhere or GoToMyPC, but that isn't really "anywhere at anytime" access is it? It's more like "setup hassle" and "extra costs."

9. Support You Can Count On.

Curve Dental's technical support is included with your service and we strive to exceed your expectation. We provide all sorts of ways to provide the support you need. In addition to timely phone support, we have an incredible online user community that enables you to access on-line training, webinars, track support tickets, read what other doctors are saying, and more. Our goal is to put you in control and give access to everything you need to make it all work – smoothly.

10. Better HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA requires a bunch of stuff from a security standpoint. In the new world of HIPAA, a server becomes a big liability, even if it's hidden in the broom closet. Your server is subject to 19 physical and technical requirements to meet from a HIPAA security standpoint, such as Server Access Policies and Controls, Disposal and Re-use of Media (backup tapes etc), and requirements for "emergency availability." The traditional legacy systems can only address four of the 19 points. We handle all 19 for you – no worries! We even give you a leg up on the HIPAA Administrative Safeguard and Organizational/Documentation requirements by providing you with about half of the 30 requirements (and we're happy to give you a checklist for the stuff we don't do so you can). Traditional legacy systems address less than 15% of those concerns at best. Just ask us and we'll send you the full analysis of how Curve Dental will make the HIPAA Security "gauntlet" a virtual "cake walk."

10½. Installation and Setup.

How long does it take to install, configure and tune a server and network? The average length of time is 30 to 60 days! That's outrageous. With Curve Hero, you can start using the system the minute we Provide you with a username and password. If you can open a web browser and access the Internet then you can access your practice's data. The time required to be "up and running" is really "no time." So, there's "no time" like the present. Call and schedule a demo! 1-888-910-4376

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