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Free Product Demo
Every journey begins with the first step and we believe the best one is seeing Curve Hero in action. So we'd like to offer you a free product demo so you can judge for yourself. You can call us toll-free or request a demo with our online form. Either way, we promise that our super knowledgeable dental software experts will not be pressurery in any way.

Free "Time to Change Kit"
In addition to your product demo, we'd like to give you what we call our Time to Change Kit. It's full of checklists, calculators, a Curve Dental mystery gift, and other information that will assist you in the process of choosing new dental software. The Time to Change Kit will be useful regardless what systems you are looking at. But we suspect that after you see the great stuff in the kit you'll be so impressed with us you'll want to keep the conversation going. You may even want to switch to Curve Hero!

You can reach us easily . . .

Call us toll free at 1-888-910-4376
Not only are our people really nice and knowledgeable, we're also anxious to show you Curve. The best time to reach us is Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm MT. We're just itching to talk to you. In fact, if there is one thing we want you to know about Curve Dental it's that we're here to help you free yourself from ball-and-chain, client-server software. Whenever you call you'll be glad you did because we'll treat you like royalty. You never know; you just might be a long lost descendant of Charlemagne.

Use our handy Online Form
If you just don't have time to talk right now, send us your info via our simple online form at the upper right and we'll follow up with you later to get you your free demo of Curve Hero and your free Time to Change Kit.

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