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Web-based Dental Software for a Mac-based Dental Office

Web-based Dental Software for the enlightened Mac-Based Dental Office

Buy Mac Dental SoftwareSo, you love the interface, reliability and ease-of-use of the Mac-simplicity of form and function without sacrificing power. Yep, you're an Apple admirer and Mac enthusiast. You listen to your colleagues complain about their PC-based dental software, the frustrations and system conflicts. And, you just smile and think to yourself, "call Apple; get a Mac". You use a Mac at home. You love it, your kids love it. But at the dental office, you are stuck with dental software for the PC and Windows. Not anymore! Consider Curve Hero, your Apple Mac dental software solution on the Web.

If you're an Apple and Mac lover then Curve Hero is for you. Developed as dental software for Mac users, Curve Hero gives you simplicity, usability, and superior functionality—just like the Mac computer itself. What's more, there is nothing to install. All you need is a URL, and your iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro turns into a Mac dental software powerhouse. You get dental charting, scheduling, period charting, and more all in a user interface inspired by and optimized for the Apple Mac. Oh, and all that accounting and reporting stuff comes along for the ride, too. Your office staff will love the simplicity, the clean look and feel, and how quick this Mac dental software is to learn.

Why settle for a boring Windows PC, when you can have the vibrant lifestyle and simplicity of the Apple Mac in your dental practice? All the "business stuff" comes along for the ride, but with Curve Hero, the experience is purebred Mac. Yep, this is Mac dental software created for the Apple Mac, nothing more and nothing less.

For years, dentists, with an eye for the Apple Mac, have had only limited choices. Very limited choices. And, what choices there were never seemed to be as Apple-cool and Mac-simple as you'd expect them to be; they looked too industrial, or just straight up did not feel like dental software for the Mac. It seemed like the Windows PC logo was on every dental software package around. That is, until now.

Curve Hero, the first true dental software for Mac, is a fresh Web-based alternative built for you. Curve delivers Mac compatible dental office management software to your desktop, and all of this is via the web. Yep, you heard that right: No more software to install; no more troublesome backups; no more hassles, headaches or expensive servers. It's all taken care of for you and is just a URL and Password away.

Say "goodbye" to haphazard backups and storage. Say "goodbye" to restricted access. Say "goodbye" to legacy client/server software. Say "hello" to fantastic Mac dental software that runs just as comfortably on a Mac as it does on a PC—available everywhere you have an internet connection!

Don't get us wrong. Though we have our preferences, we don't discriminate; Curve Hero offers dental software for Mac and PC, so you don't have to choose. In fact, our own company is a mish mash of Windows PC and Apple Mac users! And, though our development team uses Apple Mac over Windows PC at about a 10 to 1 ratio, we still do our best to make sure it runs natively on all platforms. As a result, Mac AND PC users can finally rejoice; this Mac dental software is here to stay.

In the end, whether you're a Mac or a PC, we understand. If you're a traditionalist Windows PC type of person, we'll still call you a friend and invite you to all the cool parties (while supplying you some pretty awesome software). We're a very inclusive group, and you might say we're agnostic (but inside we probably prefer to follow the Apple doctrine with our dental software for Mac when it comes to simplicity and user experience. Don't worry though; we still love you whatever you choose!).

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