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Consider A Trustworthy Cloud Based Dental Software

Your Server Crashed. Again.

How often do you find yourself re-booting a workstation or server? Server crashes cost you money and time. Plus, they introduce doubt about the integrity of your data. And, they are even more annoying to your patients. Not being able to schedule appointments because the server is down doesn't inspire patient confidence in the quality of your practice. Good patient relationships start with good service and good service requires access to your appointment book and billing data when the patient is on the phone or in the office. Curve Dental guarantees your practice information will be available 99.95% of the time—that's like rebooting only once a month. From our experience, our web-based dental software is one hundred times more reliable than the older client/server legacy systems. Say "goodbye" to server crashes and say "hello" to happy staff and satisfied patients.

You're Caught in Update Purgatory.

One problem with client/server dental software is that updates must be manually installed. Updates must be installed first on the server and then, with painstaking progress, on every workstation on the network. Software updates frequently require the office to lose precious production time as systems are upgraded and software is installed and tested. Upgrades oft times require you to upgrade your workstations, which is costly, or your server, which is even more costly. And let's be honest with each other: Every time the IT guy fixes one thing, it seems like something else breaks. One more thought: What value are you getting from these expensive updates?

In contrast, Curve Dental's web-based solution is a breath of fresh air. Curve Hero, you're always using the current version of the software; you never have to install it. If you have Internet access and a browser, you're pretty much ready to go. When you don't have to shut down your practice and pay the IT guy just for updates, you will recognize significant savings. But that's not all. You'll also eliminate frustrations among the team and a happy team is a productive team. In short, everyone's happy, including your bottom line.

Your IT guy drives a Benz.

Regardless of what kind of car your IT guy drives, you're most likely paying him a sizable amount to keep your client-server software running. We're not attacking his expertise or character—we're attacking software that requires a server! Chances are your IT guy is probably pretty sharp and provides great service. The point here is that when you switch to Curve Hero you'll probably see him or her less often. You won't need help with costly updates that require costly hardware and server upgrades. Some offices even find that the savings in IT expenses more than pays for the monthly subscription cost for Curve Hero. Shabang! A switch to Curve Dental just became "free"! Now, to be clear, we're not saying that you'll eliminate the need for an IT guy altogether. In fact, we suggest that you lean on your IT guy to help you move to the cloud. A really good IT guy will provide the expertise and knowledge to help you save more money in the long term. If you're looking for a good IT guy we suggest you first look at our True Orange partners, all of whom are members of the Dental Integrators Association. Call us for more information. We're happy to give you an ROI template to understand your individual situation better. Call today at 1-888-910-4376.

You're Not a Rocket Scientist.

When the software engineer says something's "easy" they're talking from their point of view. What they call easy may be rocket science to you. It's amazing what some companies will tag as "easy". Curve Dental understands easy; with many years of web development experience and in-the-field testing, we live the mantra that less is more. Dental software shouldn't be judged by how many buttons can be placed on one screen, but by how so little can do so much. Curve Hero is surprisingly void of crowded toolbars and life-disturbing color schemes. Instead, you'll see simplicity (and perhaps become one with the universe!). Give us a call and you can decide for yourself what "easy" looks like. We have a hunch it won't take you long to recognize it.

You're a Mac, She's a PC.

The Mac vs. PC debate is downright religious. We don't have any problem with how you come down on this issue. We don't proclaim one faith over another. Curve Hero works on both platforms, just the same, with no differences (even in the same office if you want). In fact, if you have a hankerin' for Linux, we'll do that too. Because our practice management solution is web-based all you need is a browser and an Internet connection. I guess we are somewhat "agnostic" when it comes to hardware platforms. For Mac lovers, Curve Dental is a much welcomed alternative to the lack of options available today. For the establish PC crowd, Curve Dental is a fresh, web-based alternative to lots of dental software built for the PC. Call us today to learn more.

New Practice. New start.

Starting a new practice should be fun, whether you're building out from scratch, buying an existing practice or just doing a major remodel. You should be experiencing a time of change and opportunity; sort of like "spring cleaning". You can throw out the old and stodgy, spruce things up, and make a new start. It's a great time to look at Curve Hero and how you'll save time and money. No expensive servers and robust workstations to buy. Very little IT services are required. Give one of our specialists a call. We'll see if our colors match your new office design.

You're Growing. Your Software is Not.

Sometimes when you are growing fast, the old pair of pants just doesn't fit any more. We called them "floods" at one time. When the same thing happens to your dental software, the result is lower productivity, unhappy staff, frustrated patients and just an overall frowny face. Dental software should be flexible, adjusting to the way you want to practice, mirroring your own special style. We're confident Curve Hero will put a smile on your face. To learn more about Curve Dental, complete the "Learn More" form, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone and call us. 1-888-910-4376

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