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Data Backup Solutions

People are funny. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary—including our own behavior—some people continue to think that data security is compromised when it comes to the Internet. The truth is your dental office data is much more secure on the Internet than it is sitting on a computer in your office. Let's look at the facts:

  • You Already Use the Internet Securely. In any given day you may be using the web in these ways:
    • Managing your bank account on-line
    • Using a credit card to book a vacation
    • Purchasing almost anything on-line
    • Opening and funding a retirement account
    • Using a web-based solution to backup your data
  • The Internet Doesn't Forget. If you're using the Internet every day to accomplish everyday office tasks easier and quicker, then you're already a believer that your dental office data is safe on-line. The Internet doesn't forget to do a data backup. When you finish banking on-line do you create a backup disk? Of course not. If your dental office burned to the ground your banking information wouldn't be affected. All you need to do to access this dentist information backup data is a browser and an Internet connection. No worries.
  • The Internet Connects Globally. If your bank burned to the ground, you wouldn't have to worry about your dentist office data being lost or a breach in security. The bank may be using backup servers housed hundreds of miles away or on a completely different continent. And those backup servers, wherever they are, are mirrored by other servers in different locations. Even if your bank's backup servers were burned, they were mirrored by other servers miles and miles away. Data backup and security is almost a natural result of the Internet's architecture.

Does all of this evidence mean data security on the Internet is infallible? Of course not. Billion-dollar corporations, governments and other big web-based entities will always be the target of sophisticated thieves who spend time and money on a job when there is a large potential payback. Will they spend their energies to steal dental data from a dentist office? The probability is much higher that thieves will break into your dentist practice and steal your computer, drugs and nitrous oxide! And what would you think if your dentist patient information was on that computer? You'd wonder if your security backup disk worked, and that's a scary thought.

Never Worry About Security Backup Disks Again

The neat thing about managing your dentist practice on-line is that you never again have to worry about backing up your dental office's data! Never again will you worry wondering if your dentist office manager remembered to do a security backup in the first place. And did they remember to take the security backup disk off site?

If your dentist office burns to the ground, all you need is a browser and an Internet connection and you're ready to practice.

Perhaps you're now asking yourself, "What about your backup servers? My dentist office backup data is being stored somewhere." Now, that's a valid thought. As discussed earlier, our backup servers are mirrored by other backup serves in several different locations. A security backup of your dentist office data is always available. We guarantee that you'll be able to access your dental office backup data 99.5% of the time.

Download Your Dental Practice Data Anytime

Now, if you're the type of dentist that sleeps better at night with a security backup disk under your pillow, we have a solution for you, too. You can simply download your dentist patient data and save it to a security backup data disk any time you want. Problem solved! We're unsure how a backup disk under your pillow affects posture, so be careful.

Much More than an Internet Backup Solution

Curve Hero is different. Because it's web-based security backup you never have to install software. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection in your dental office and you're back up and running. No installation, no configuration, and no data to download. It's almost unfair how simple "web-based" makes your dental office data security.

Curve Hero is different. Because it's web-based you never have to install software. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection and you're back up and running. No installation and no data to download.

Your Data is Secure

We use a complex set of security protocols that meet or exceed government standards. What that means is that your data is much more secure on the cloud than on a server in your office sitting in the broom closet. Of course, history teaches us that no set of security protocols are foolproof; however, the chances of your server being hacked, destroyed, or stolen is much, much higher than the chances of your data being adversely affected while on the cloud. We utilize advanced security to prevent unauthorized access; your broom-closet server is protected by what you can purchase at Walmart. We utilize multi-redundant backup system in multiple geographical locations; you may have a backup but how long it takes to restore is a big question mark--if it will restore. Call and speak with one of our dental software sales experts to learn more.

The Web is Not New

Al Gore said he invented the Internet a long time ago. Since that time, where ever you go web-based technologies are taking the lead in performance, connectivity, quality, efficiency, and total ROI. Web-based systems enable you to have a more connected and simplified lifestyle. Somehow, the dental profession has been left behind without an alternative.

Not anymore.

The alternative for your dental office is here now, and it's called Curve Hero data security backup.

To see learn more about our easy-to-use back up solution, complete the "Learn More" form below, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone and call us. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental software. Contact Curve Dental today. 1-888-910-4376

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