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Dentist Clinical Notes

Every dentist understands the importance of keeping accurate and detailed clinical notes. Some dental practices understand it better than others after experiencing the pain and frustration of a malpractice claim. Aside from the threat of a lawsuit, clinical notes and progress notes can also improve the level of patient care for any dentist.

Hero by Curve Dental takes a different approach to clinical notes than what you might find in other dental software, such as:

  • Simplified Process. In Curve Hero all progress notes and clinical notes are stored in one location in the software rather than in many different locations, which makes software training much easier and faster. Time is money and whenever you can save one you'll save the other.
  • Quick to Organize. With all of your clinical notes and progress notes in one location within the software, you can easily and quickly sort and view only those notes you wish to view. You can also print only those clinical or progress notes important to the dentist, the hygienist, the office manager, or the dental assistant.
  • Personalize Your Notes. The clinical notes and progress notes in our dental software includes simple, yet very handy, word processing features to help personalize or add emphasis to your notes. Every dentist or staff member would love to be able to add quick bullet points to a progress note, or to bold or underline a particularly important note. Auto numbering? Yes, our dental software includes that capability in both clinical and progress notes.
  • Easy Access. All notes are stored in the software in one convenient location. No matter what you're doing, whether it is charting, scheduling, treatment planning, perio charting, or billing, you can access the current patient's notes within the software with one quick click of the mouse.
  • Web-based Convenience. No matter where you are, your clinical notes and progress notes for any patient are available on-line. Should you need to access notes while on vacation or out of the office, all you need is a browser and an Internet connection in order to review or add to your notes. One doctor, who saw Curve Hero for the first time, said, "When a patient calls me at home, this dental software will let me access prescription information so much faster than my current dental software, it's even faster than my a remote-desktop solution."

Because most dental software makes note taking somewhat cumbersome, some dentists and their staff overlook the importance of quality note taking:

  • Clinical and progress notes are the best way of reminding yourself at the next visit what the problems were, what was found and decided upon, and what investigations and management were planned.
  • Good clinical notes are the best way of communicating key information to other members of the dental practice, other than the dentist, who may see the patient at different times.
  • Writing good progress notes helps develop a clear idea of the patients' current situation and desired outcome. By looking at other progress notes entered into the software by other dentists or staff it is easier to determine a course of action.
  • The patient's clinical notes and progress notes are the official record of the dental care your team provided the patient, the legal record of the interaction between the patient and the dental practice. Good dental software, like Curve Hero, will encourage the dentist and their practice to take good clinical notes and progress notes.
  • Easily read and understood clinical notes and progress notes are critical. Some dental software may require you to create long automated notes that are confusing or irrelevant to other members of the dental practice. Hero by Curve Dental provides convenient word processing tools to make your notes more relevant and understood.
  • Good clinical and progress note habits build professionalism and pride within the dental team. Curve Hero, as your choice for dental software, encourages the creation of notes because the software is easy to use.

Perhaps the benefits of clinical and progress notes in Curve Hero can be summed up in three easy words:

  • Simplicity. Clinical notes and progress notes are easy to find, easy to enter, easy to organize, and easy to make your thoughts understood.
  • Flexibility. When that one special patient calls you at home for pain medication, you'll be able to quickly access your clinical notes on-line and prescribe just what the patient needs.
  • Efficiency. When you know all of your clinical notes and progress notes are stored in the software in one location, you'll not waste time finding or entering what's important.

You can learn more about our clinical notes and progress notes features by seeing a demonstration. One of our friendly dental software experts can show the dentist and their team exactly what they want to see, whether it's clinical notes or progress notes or something else.

To see a demonstration, complete the "Learn More" box below, e-mail us, or pick up the phone and call us. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental software. Contact us today. 1-888-910-4376

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