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Curve Hero could be the easiest dental software to use. But, no matter how simple the dental software the staff still needs a little time set aside for computer training. Dental software training for the computer can take up valuable staff time and production within the dental practice. At Curve Dental we try to mitigate staff down time by spreading the training over two weeks. The impact on the practice is minimized.

Bite-size Chunks

Equally important, the software and computer training is delivered in bite-size chunks that the staff can learn and remember, which makes our software and computer training for the dental staff more effective. Our process optimizes information retention. Other dental software companies will ask you to close your office so they can deliver a dump truck load of information in an intense two or three day marathon. The dental staff has little chance in remembering the computer training or fully comprehending. You've heard the phrase drink from a fire hose? That's the competition.

Delivered in manageable blocks, Curve Dental will provide your staff with software and computer training that can be comprehended and practiced before something new is presented. We don't ask you to close your office, just set aside an hour or so for some personal on-line training. It really works well.

Certified Trainers

You'll like our trainers. Each is carefully screened and tested before they begin computer and software training with your staff. Obviously, we make sure they are masters of their universe, both in terms of their knowledge of the software and their ability to teach. All of our trainers also work in a dental practice and train part time or train full time with many years of experience working in a dental practice behind them. Software and computer training is not something everyone can do and we go to great lengths to make sure our trainers are the best in the dental profession, ready to teach your staff how to put Curve Hero software to work. We carefully follow up with every training, asking our customers for feedback on their training experience. You'll have the opportunity to score your trainer. Any trainer that doesn't pass your test of quality and satisfaction is taken off our list of certified trainers.

Most Cost-efficient Training

Our software and computer training is provided over the internet and the phone, eliminating unnecessary travel costs and time, which saves you money. We've heard the argument that on-site training is better, but we've never seen any proof to back up the argument (in fact, everything we experience shows the opposite). Maybe some software trainers just like to travel with the stuffy hotel rooms, crowded airplanes and fast food lifestyle that come with it. Because we've found that dental staff training conducted over several short intervals is more effective in learning the software than in one marathon training session, web-based, over-the-phone training simply works better. We don't believe you need to contribute to some else's air miles and hotel points.

Charming, Beautiful People

Attractive personalities are what matters most to us. Your staff will respond well to software and computer training when the trainer is patient, experienced and fun. Fun is how we'd like to describe your interaction with Curve Dental, and our software and computer training is no exception. Jokes? Here and there. Funny stories? Of course. Practical jokes? Not officially condoned (but watch yourself, nonetheless).

Our dental staff training can be summed up in three short phrases:

  • Keep it Simple. Shorter training periods over two to three weeks is much more effective in training your staff about our dental software.
  • Keep it Fun. Our dental staff trainers are experienced professionals whose greatest trademark is their personality and effectiveness in training your staff how to use our dental software on your computer system.
  • Keep it Affordable. Don't pay for air miles and hotel points! Instead, you pay only to have your staff trained on our software.

Undoubtedly the dental staff will want to know more about our software and computer training, and the best way to get started is by calling us. One of our likable dental software experts can tell the staff and the doctor more about how our software training is scheduled and conducted.

To learn more about our dental staff training, complete the "Learn More" form below, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone and call us. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental software. Contact Curve Dental today. 1-888-910-4376

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