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Calculating ROI for your Dental Practice

If you like something, and can show that it has a positive Return On Investment (ROI) for your practice, then there shouldn't be any big reason why you would delay a fresh change. Of course, you could keep using traditional legacy dental practice management software that costs too much to use, but that wouldn't be prudent.

So, when it comes to Curve Hero's dental software, there are two questions:

  • Do you like what you see (you'll have to see a demonstration to figure that out).
  • Will the software have a positive ROI on your practice?

It really is that simple. Though we can't answer the first question for you (you'll have to get a demo from a Curve Specialist for that), we will answer the second question about ROI. The answer is: Yes! Curve Hero definitely has a positive ROI.

Are you looking for evidence? Here's all the ROI evidence you need for your dental practice, from several different perspectives:

First, I suggest you do a Google search on the topic. "Software as a Service ROI" or "SaaS ROI" or "On-Demand ROI" will get you started. You'll find that the results are pretty much the same thing, that a Web-Based product, like Curve Hero, will definitely provide a better ROI than a traditional legacy system that requires a server and lots of IT supervision. Web-based software is cheaper to implement, cheaper to maintain and more fun to use, and it will provide unique and valuable operational benefits. Here's the kind of stuff you will read:

  • "According to a recent study by Triple Tree and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), on-demand deployments are 50 to 90 percent faster, with a total cost of ownership less than for installed software."
    Curve Dental says: That sort of sums it up, but there's more, lot's more.
  • "Massachusetts based Forrester Research suggests that on-demand deployments offer an economic advantage . . ."
  • "For companies with up to 100 users, web based systems are a slam dunk. Even for those with 250 to 500, they have to consider if they want to retain all that IT expenses . . ."
    Curve Dental says: OK, so maybe there is something to think about if your dental practice has over 250 employees. For the rest of us, it's a slam dunk.
  • "SaaS offers alternative ways of refining the company business model to take advantage of savings and improving process."
  • "Those selling SaaS services are highly motivated to actively help improve the actual business results gained after the sale in order to retain and grow their customers."
    Curve Dental says: This is a really good point. We have to earn your business every day. The other guys already have your money, so they can treat you like dirt – sound familiar?
  • "A SaaS platform gives us a distinct advantage"
  • "We are seeing more companies move to on-demand solutions for both cost savings advantages and increasingly for the business agility it provides."
  • "Latin American firms are starting to turn to software as a service (SaaS) because of its relatively quick return on investment"
    Curve Dental says: See, it's not just in the US, it's all over the world. SaaS really is the best choice for ROI
  • "SaaS applications integrate and leverage the Internet—and that is part of the key value proposition customers receive."

With all that third party evidence, isn't it time for a fresh alternative? Are you still skeptical and want an ROI calculator to show you the money? Talk with one of our brilliant software experts. They can provide you with a nifty ROI worksheet. You can run your own numbers if you like, but any way you look at it, the answer is the same. Curve Hero comes out on top.

The total number is astounding! You don't need a fancy dental software ROI calculator to see that the numbers aren't friendly. Please run this number by a colleague or a consultant. The truth is that the dental software costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the really expensive costs are below the water line, and your current dental software sales representative isn't telling you about them. Even if they gave the software to you for free, you'd still be paying a lot of money to keep the dental software up and running. Nothing is ever free.

Curve Hero Costs

Less than half of that. Plus, we'll provide better service, better dental software, and a modern solution that fits your lifestyle. Call us and we'll walk you through our dental software costs.

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We recognize that you could go buy one of those cheap products that advertise for $495 or something. But they are cheap. As you have certainly learned by now, there is no free lunch. Also, when you start adding up all the "add-on's", "upgrades" and "options", you end up with a hefty price tag. In fact, the cheap products always end up costing more in the long run, especially after you factor in the "IT Guy" and "staff performance" categories. Some costs you write a check for; some cost you don't (like staff productivity). In the end, they all cost time or money. If you want to pay less, you are likely to get less; there is no free lunch—unless you change the technology. That's where Curve Hero comes in. By offering a top quality product (some would say some of the best features in the industry) via the current best practice web-based technology, you end up with first rate, top drawer dental software solution at a very reasonable fee. In fact, we strongly believe that the competition could give their software away for free and Curve Hero would still be less expensive.

This discussion wouldn't be complete if we didn't say something about the "Economy". I mean, everyone else is, so we might as well chime in. No, on second thought, I think we'll just leave it to you to figure out how beneficial Curve Hero will be "in these tough economic times" (that's about as trite a phrase as you will read anywhere on this web site, so enjoy it while you can.)

Call us. We're trustworthy, friendly, helpful, kind, and lots more fun to talk with than anyone else.

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