How to Contact Curve Dental

By Phone

By phone, dial 1-888-910-4376. We asked the phone company for one of those vanity phone numbers like all the really cool companies have. We're not sure but we think this one number says CALL FOR COOL DENTAL SOFTWARE.

By Email

By e-mail, you can send your important message to We go one step further than everyone else and promise that someone will actually respond to your email.

By Car, Bus, Taxi, Motorcycle, ATV or Foot

By car, bus, taxi, motocycle, ATV or foot you'll find us at 424 W. 800 North in Orem, Utah. We're located between a Thai restaurant and an organic food market. Take the stairs to the second floor and we're located in Suite 202. Drop in any time for a quick (a really quick) tour and to say "Hi!" If you come at noon maybe our CEO will take you to lunch. Click here for turn-by-turn driving directions from any starting point.

By Mail

If you want to send us a letter, please address your letter to

Curve Dental, Inc.
424 W. 800 North
Suite 202
Orem, UT, 84057

Sending us a note via e-mail is a lot faster, but we still love to get cards and letters from fans all over the world. Birthday cards are the best, especially when there's spending money inside!

Other Methods...

If you prefer a more natural approach to communication, your carrier pigeon will find a handsome roost on the roof of our building. We'll be sure to refresh your bird prior to responding to your message.

Our exact GPS co-ordinates are 40°18'47.86" N by 111°42'22.48" W at an elevation of 4,757' (according to Google Earth).We have no reason to believe that these co-ordinates are the target of any rogue missile. Our offices are quite comfortable, appropriately appointed and you're welcome at any time.

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