Case Study: How Curve Dental Saved a Vancouver Practice after a Burglary


Dr. Aurora and Dr. Chung of Vancouver lost all of their computers at the practice to a burglary. Owing to their use of Curve's dental practice management software, their practice data was stored remotely. Using a laptop brought from home, they were able to quickly access their data and continue operations and immediately reassure patients that the security of their personal information had not been compromised.


On a February night in 2010 thieves were able to break into the practice of Dr.'s Aurora and Chung. Counted among the items stolen, was the entire network of computers, monitors and printers. The theft was discovered the next morning by the team. Within the hour a laptop computer was acquired from one of the team member's home. With the laptop, they were successfully able to access all patient information using Curve Dental, posting procedures, billing for treatment and scheduling new appointments. All the patients were seen that day. Using a web-based application, all of the practice's patient information is stored real-time remotely via the secure web application of Curve Dental.


  • Curve Dental Provides a Business Continuity Advantage. Regardless of how a disruption to business operations occurs, whether by flood, fire or theft, web-based systems allow the business to renew operations quickly. In Dr. Aurora and Dr. Chung's case, they brought a laptop to the practice and were able to access all patient information and continue operations.

  • Longer Delays Possible with Client-Server Software. Were Dr. Aurora and Chung using traditional client-server software to manage their practice, the theft of their computers would have left them solely reliant upon a backup of their data and access to installation disks. Reinstalling the application and restoring the data would have taken more time, may have required the assistance of an IT professional and restoration of the backup may have failed (studies show 47.6% of all data backups fail to restore correctly).

Doctors' Commentary

"We were fortunate to have been using Curve Dental to manage our practice. Being able to plug into our database from anywhere with any computer without worry is one of the advantages of cloud computing. Over all, we're pleased with Curve Dental; it feels good to be associated with a company that's on the ground floor of the new industry standard."

Dr. Saljae Aurora

"It takes time and expertise to re-install and set up traditional client-server management software, even if the manufacturer lets the dental office keep installation discs. Curve Hero does not require installation. All one needs is a computer with an Internet browser. This is equally attractive to Mac users and PC users. We essentially have a completely portable office."

Dr. Christopher Chung

Case Study: Curve Dental Helps Ninth East Improve Practice Management


Software Advice, a trusted resource for dental software buyers, recently published an independent case study highlighting the value of Curve Dental software for the Ninth East Dental practice. When Dr. Adrian Huang opened Ninth East Dental, he sought a cloud-based solution with remote web access. Curve Dental allows Dr. Huang’s practice to schedule more appointments, increase practice efficiency, and take the best care possible of their patients.


It was important to Dr. Huang not to lose any time to his dental software solution. Curve’s remote training meant his staff could get up to speed before the practice even opened. Curve’s remote scheduling enables 24/7 appointment setting, resulting in 2-3 additional appointments per week for Ninth East. Backup and updates occur automatically with Curve, so Dr. Huang doesn’t have to take his office’s server down and halt operations to perform manual updates. Curve’s Digital Imaging tool automatically uploads and backs up captured images, including digital photos and x-rays. Patient chart information is automatically updated and saved to the cloud , where it can be accessed anywhere in the office or anyplace with internet access. And patient education models are included at no cost, helping patients better understand their treatment options.


Curve Dental boosts efficiency. Curve’s automatic software updates and automatic updating of patient charts saves time and money. The Digital Imaging tool saves Ninth East from the burden of manual image uploading. And Ninth East can also schedule more patients thanks to Curve’s remote scheduling.

Curve Dental enables better patient care. Digital, narrated videos explain complex processes to patients in simple terms, helping patients understand their treatment options. 24/7 appointment setting means patients can schedule appointments outside of business hours. And automatic updating of patient charts means the front desk receptionist has all the information she needs for checking out the patient and scheduling the next appointment right in front of her, saving patients time at checkout.

Doctor’s Commentary

"We needed a practice management software system with remote web-based access. Curve Dental is very easy for staff to learn quickly and start using on a day-to-day basis.

With most other systems, [photos and x-rays] have to be uploaded manually, maybe at night while the office is closed. This is one of the things that sets Curve Dental apart — no other software system that I have seen offers this capability.

When everybody throughout the office has real-time access to all of the patient’s complete dental and insurance information simultaneously, this helps the practice run much smoother and more efficiently. From an efficiency standpoint, Curve Dental is almost like having another employee in the office.

Curve Dental will be especially beneficial for us if we decide to expand and add more locations in the future.”
Dr. Adrian Huang

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Case study courtesy of Software Advice

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