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What Keeps Us Up at Night

Two big worries prevent us from sleeping well at night: First, we fret continually about our dental software: Can we make it any simpler? How can we make it more flexible to our customers' lifestyles? Can we tweak it even more to improve efficiencies for our customers?

Second, we lose sleep due to inconvenient "A-ha!" moments when thinking about customer service. Making sure every one of our customers is happy is a key priority and we're always trying to think of new ways to keep our customers thrilled and how to exceed their expectations. Everyone likes surprises, so we send our customers a pleasant surprise every now and again.

The Curve Legend

Sit back and reach for your favorite refreshment, because the Curve Dental story is one of having a dream and working hard to make it come true.

Once upon a time there was a bright, young man named Matt Dorey. At the green age of 16 he started his own IT business. No, this wasn't a lemonade stand type business, it was a real revenue producing, service providing company helping dentists install and configure computers and networks. His reputation for quality service earned him an exclusive agreement with the largest Canadian dental supply company at the time and provided the "real world" experience he craved. Through this all, he learned firsthand the benefits and challenges found in the current offering of dental software–and saw an opportunity.

When he turned 18, he set his sights on something bigger and convinced several well-heeled investors that an idea of his just might work. "Look," he said, "If I can bank on-line, book a vacation on-line, shop on-line, and trade stocks on-line, why can't a dentist manage their practice on-line." To this question, no one had a viable answer. Rather, the only thing they could do was envision all the advantages web-based dental software has to offer. They invested in Matt's vision to a fresh new alternative to dental software.

Propelled and encouraged by the faith of his family, friends, and perhaps most importantly – his investors, Matt assembled a crack team of web developers. These guys make your typical "rocket scientist" look like a school kid. Really, they are Rock Stars (at least they sound like it on WII Guitar Hero).

To help him round out the team, Matt invited experienced, brilliant men and women to join the team. Some of these folks have years and years of working experience in dentistry or gained their wisdom through other successful businesses. Today, some of the best and brightest in the industry are aggressively building, promoting and supporting the leading Web-Based Alternative to Dental Software – Curve Hero.

Things have come a long way since those early years for Matt. Curve is led by a seasoned executive management team that is working to make Curve Dental a household name within the dental profession. Feel free to drop by and visit or give us a call to learn more.

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