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How the Cloud can Reduce Hardware Expense

Maintaining computer hardware is a challenge for dental practices. While most IT professionals recomend that computer be upgraded every two to four years, the costs can be a drag to the bottom line. By moving your practice to the cloud you ease the strain on your budget.

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Disaster Planning for the Dental Office

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately, according to Murphy"s Law, it will also happen at the most inopportune time and at a maximum cost. There really isn"t much you can do to stop it. Bad things do happen — even to good people. What you can do is prepare for it. Download this orange paper to see what you can do to prepare your practice for disaster and business continuity.

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Dental Software Costs and ROI

"How much does it cost" — that"s the first question most dentists ask when investigating a new or replacement software system to manage their practice. If only the price tag told the whole story! Unfortunately, most of the cost is below the water line. Download this orange paper to see what major costs are routinely overlooked.

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Security of Web-based Systems

Reasonable doubt exists and some have questioned the security of web-based dental systems when compared with legacy, office-based, client/server based systems. While the question is reasonable, the answer is very clear. Web-based systems have the capability of providing substantially greater security than any on-site, client/server based system. Download this orange paper to see how web-based systems are more secure.

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Uptime Comparison of Web-based vs Client/Server Systems

"What if the web goes down?" It"s a common question when people investigate web-based solutions. Certainly, technology introduces different failure modes than traditional processes. This begs the question, "How reliable are web-based solutions when compared with their client/server counterparts?" Download this orange paper to read the answer.

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Five Risks with Traditional Backup for Dental Software

We all know that backups are important for any dental practice that uses dental software. Given the surety that the computers in your dental office will fail, you are probably backing up your data regularly. Backups are critical to any business continuity plan. However, you may not realize that there are risks with traditional backup solutions implemented to backup most dental software data.

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Communicating with Dental Imaging Software:
Bridge vs. Integration vs. Native

When it comes to different dental technologies, there appears to be some confusion over how different technologies work together. The past 15 years have provided an amazing (almost dizzying) array of options and acronyms and terms that are thrown around by reps of the different technologies. There is almost no semblance of unity.

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Top Ten Things Mean People Say About Curve Dental

If you feel moving your practice to the cloud makes a lot of sense, you"re not alone. Hundreds of doctors are recognizing the advantages they could enjoy were they to switch to a web-based application. As expected, there are detractors who would rather focus on the fear, uncertainty and doubt (or FUD) of using something new. Most of the time, the FUD comes from those who are threatened by the inevitable dominance of web-based applications.

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