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Panel Discussion: Contemporary History of Dental Software

10/02/2014 | 6pm MT

The renaissance for dental software occurred in the early 1990's with the introduction of the first Windows-based systems, like DENTRIX and PracticeWorks. In this exclusive panel discussion, DENTRIX, PracticeWorks, and Easy Dental founders (Jim Pack and Brian Smith) share behind-the-scenes stories of how their software took hold and took off. They'll discuss where software has come from, where its at now, and where it's destined to go. Join the pioneers for a look back at how dental practice management software came about.

My Switch to the Cloud: The Easiest Decision My Staff Ever Made

10/07/2014 | 6pm MT

Dr. Hyman's flourishing practice was at a critical point. Their existing software was not keeping up with growth. Something had to give. In this fun and enlightening webinar Dr. Hyman shows you how his team took action to find the best new solution for their practice and how it's impacted his practice.

How the Death of XP Will Save Your Practice

10/09/2014 | 8am MT

n April 2014 Microsoft ended all technical support and further development of WindowsXP, leaving thousands of doctors stranded. Upgrading to new hardware and a new operating system could cost thousands. Technical guru Dr. Lorne Lavine explains how you can turn lemons into lemonade in the fun, fast webinar.

Ten Reasons Why the Cloud Makes Sense for Your Practice

10/16/2014 | 6pm MT

Dental software consultant, Macey Bernards, shares her years of experience as an office manager and as a software consultant. Macey will show you both the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dental software and how you can avoid common mistakes and misconceptions.

IT Security for Dental Practices: Protecting Your Digital DNA

10/21/2014 | 6pm MT

Bryan Currier, president of the nation's largest dental integration company, will teach you three core concepts critical to protecting your patient data, your practice’s digital DNA: What does “IT Security” mean for the dental practice; What are the common threats; What are the threat entry points? Bryan will then explain how to mitigate the threats through practical application.

Digital Imaging on the Cloud: Live!

10/23/2014 | 8am MT

They say it can't be done. But in this one-of-a-kind demonstration from a busy dental practice, dental software consultant Kristen Smith demonstrates how fast and easy it can be to capture digital x-rays directly to the cloud. Demonstrated Live! from a working dental practice.

Doomsday Dentistry: How to Survive Disaster on the Cloud

10/28/2014 | 8am MT

Bad things happen to good people. Practices are destroyed just as easily as any other business, whether by wind, water or fire. And dental practices rank high on the common burglar's target list. Dental Software Consultant, Macey Bernards, looks at how the cloud can provide a ray of hope when your practice is beset by a little bad luck.

The 6 Biggest Challenges to HIPAA Security Rules Compliance

10/30/2014 | 6pm MT

Information and technology guru, Dr. Lorne Lavine, walks you through the toughest parts of the HIPAA Security Rule, why they represent a monster challenge for dental practices. Then he'll show you how you can become compliant by pulling one trigger.

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