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Smartphone & Tablet Features

Because Curve Dental is web-based dental software accessing your patient information and practice schedule using a smartphone is a natural extension.And tablets make for a great first impression. Whenever you can hand a tablet to someone to gather information that's just a very phat thing to do.

The Role of Smartphones and Tablets

We believe the smartphone plays a different role than the tablet. When you're out and about (like at the grocery store or at a PTA meeting) it wouldn't be unusual to get a call from a patient. At that critical moment we asked ourselves "what information does the doctor want at their fingertips?" So we designed our smartphone and mobility features with that in mind.

On the other hand, a tablet gets used most at home or in the practice; it's not usually carried around. So, at some point soon you'll be able to access Curve Dental with a tablet just as easily as with a laptop or other computer. At the moment, we've focused on using the tablet to help you gather information from your patients.

Here's how our web-based dental software naturally pumps information to or from your smartphone and tablet:

Smart Smartphone and Mobility Capabilities

  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Quick, one-touch "click" to your login page
  • View patient contact information (phone, e-mail)
  • View patient status
  • View patient picture
  • One-touch "click" to send e-mail or text message to patients
  • View practice schedule
  • No additional cost

Future Features

  • View patient images
  • View prescription information

Curve Dental smartphone web-based dental software

Cool Tablet Capabilities

  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Gather patient data using three different types of questions (Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Open Ended)
  • Gather data via the tablet
  • One-touch "click" submission
  • All data is neatly gathered and delivered to the office staff in one pdf file
  • No additional cost

Future Features

  • Our customers will be able to use a tablet to manage their practice, from charting to scheduling to billing

Curve Dental tablet web-based dental software

To see a demonstration of mobility and tablet features, for the iPad or Android, complete the "Learn More" form below, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone at call us today. We're a fresh, cloud-based alternative to dental software. Call us at 888-910-4376.

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