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Patient Communication

Communication between the dentist and the patient can be a wonderful thing. In fact, many of today's dental consultants and visionaries extol the benefits of more and better patient-doctor communication. When it comes to a dental office communication system the dentist is looking for these key features in any viable solution:

  • Patient Messaging. When some tasks are completed in the dental office the dentist may wish to let the dentist patient know. For example, when an existing appointment is modified or changed our communication system can automatically send the patient an e-mail message. The dental office can also send e-mail message to any patient at any time. Additionally, the office can send a patient an invoice or treatment plan with a quick right-click of the mouse. Keeping your patients in the know with our dentist office solution will establish a greater level of trust for the dentist and his office.
  • Flexible Scheduling Features. Your dentist office can reduce missed appointments with improved patient-dental office communication system. Our communication solution provides opportunity for the dentist patient to review their scheduled appointments and confirm their appointments automatically. If they need to change their appointments, this too can be done automatically with our dental office communication system. When the patient receives an e-mail message from your dental office reminding them of their appointment, instead of confirming the appointment they can request a different date and time based on your current availability. Of course, the dentist patient doesn't control the appointment book. You always retain control of what you want your dental patients to see with our communication solution.
  • Mass Communication Capabilities. Sending letters to your dental patients is a key feature every dentist wants to see in their dental office communication solution. Curve Hero's office communication solution allows you to create a dentist patient mailing list in a matter of seconds, with on-the-fly filtering capabilities. When you've zeroed in on the people you wish to send a message you can then print and mail your message in letter format, or save lots of money and send your message via e-mail. What's more, Curve Hero makes a notation in each patient's file that you sent a note.
  • Simple Mail Merge Functionality. All of us have experienced the pain of trying to figure out how to create custom letter using mail merge in the most popular word processors. It can be very frustrating. Curve Hero's approach to a dental office communication solution is quite different because we made it very simple. When creating a letter you can insert merge fields with a quick click—something you'll have to see to truly appreciate. So call us today to see a demo of our dentist communication system.
  • Save Money on Software. Why should you have to purchase expensive word processing software for every one of your workstations? With the Curve Hero solution, you'll save those dollars and leave it in the bank. Our dental office communication system employs a built-in rich text editor to let you create professional-looking letters. You can drop in graphics (like your logo), use any font, utilize simple mail merge capabilities, create smart bulleted lists, and more. Basically, our rich text editor provides the features you need to create effective patient-doctor communications.
  • Save Money on Letterhead. Fancy letterhead, when used for mass mailings, can be very expensive. Instead, using our dental office patient communication system you can drop your logo into the message and then print to any color or black-and-white printer. Or better yet, simply e-mail your message to your patients.
  • Save Time with a Library. Our dental office communication system lets you save your key messages. Over time you'll create a grand library of dental messages that you can pull and use whenever they're needed. As a result, you'll save precious time—and time is money!

To summarize, there are three important things you need to remember about Curve Hero's dental office communication solution that every dentist will love:

  • Simple to Use. Surely every other dental software system has patient-doctor communication features. We believe the big difference between our solution and the others is our simplicity, which is not at the expense of functionality. Fact is, our communication system has features that others don't. Because our communication system is web-based we can do a lot of cool stuff with ease.
  • Mirrors Your Lifestyle. Our Curve Hero dentist office communication solution is a reflection of how you want to utilize technology both in your personal and in your professional life. Because the dentist office system is web-based you can take advantage of the convenience and flexibility natural to the web. You bank on-line, book travel on-line and shop on-line because it's faster and easier. Now you can manage your dentist practice on-line with Curve Hero dentist office communication solution.
  • Saves Time and Money. Of all the clichés in the world saving time and money is surely the grandest of them all. Cliché or not the outcome is still the same: When you use Curve Hero's dental office communication solution the dentist and their staff will save time and money. How else can you describe it? Call us to see a demo of our office communication system to truly understand it.

You can learn more about our dental office communication solution by seeing a demonstration. One of our charming dental communication system experts can show you and your team everything you want to know and more.

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