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Dental Office Managers Love It

It's true: The dentist gets all the glory work (like doing a D2393, or a D2752, or if they're lucky maybe a D7140). The office manager, however, gets to make sure the rest of the office runs like a top. You know your stuff and it's really a pain when the software and reporting tools don't work right. That's where Curve Hero can come in really handy since it's always working well and puts you in control.

Improved Office Workflow

The dental office is not a fun place to be when everything wants to move against the flow of the office manager's system. It is reminiscent of those nature videos of salmon swimming upstream. Those anxious fish jump up the rapids with a hungry bear waiting for them at the top. That's not the intended process in a dental office. The dentist doesn't like it and, perhaps more importantly, the office manager doesn't like it. If you feel this way, then you really need to check out Curve Hero, dental software that is more like a lazy afternoon float down a calm river—with no bears.

Web-based Software Reduces Technology Hassles

When your dental office reporting software is web-based, you don't need a server in your office (like under the desk or in a closet), which means you can't break it and it won't be crashing all the time. That's the whole concept of the Curve Dental's web-based dental software. You're not responsible—we are. And we do an impressive job of managing it, too. Simply put, our system doesn't go down. Well, it's not that things don't break, they do. (It's a computer; of course it will break). We design our dental software systems knowing that anything can break. As a result the system always works. (Well, 99.95% of the time.)

For example, if a hard drive crashes, no problem; there are three more doing exactly the same thing with the same data on them ready to pick up if one fails. If a server drops dead, no worries; we have redundant servers that pick up the slack and you don't even know it happened. Our philosophy is based on the assumption that everything will break, but when it does, we make sure that it doesn't affect the dentist, the office manager or the dental office at all. Of course, there's more to it than that, but you get the idea. For a complete picture, contact one of our charming dental software specialists and they'll explain it all and answer any questions you might have.

Training New Staff

Even the best initial training doesn't help when you hire new staff. Turn your new staff on to Curve Community. You'll find instructional videos, webcasts, and all sorts of fun self-learning tools. But we'll be surprised if you ever need to use these wonderful resources. Why? Because we feel our dental software is simple and intuitive, so much so that the new dental office staff member will pick up very quickly on how it works.

Responsive, Friendly Technical Assistance

Something strange has happened in the dental software industry in the last five to seven years. For some reason the large, traditional software companies have determined that they can play economics with the dentist, the office manager and the rest of the dental office staff. From their point of view, the amount of time you wait to speak to a live person is directly proportional to dollars. The more time you wait, the less they spend on support infrastructure. So, if your dental office is willing to wait five minutes, they figure you'll be willing to wait eight minutes, or more, which means they can hire less people and save money. Waiting to get the answers you need can wreak havoc on office workflow.

That's just not our style. We provide lots of ways to help the office manager and staff get the information they need, in addition to a simple phone call—which we aim to answer just as soon as humanly possible. Online tools, email services, webinars, and a professionally printed instruction manual are all part of the service you receive with Curve Dental. What you'll find with Curve Dental is that there is always some resource available when you need it.

HIPAA Compliance

Have you ever had someone look over your shoulder when there was personal health information on the screen? Oh, no! Potential HIPAA violation! What do you do? With Curve Hero you can quickly meet HIPAA compliancy with a click of the mouse. When you click on the little red eye icon, all personal health information on the screen disappears, without having to close the dental software or browser. The schedule is still there, bu the personal information is hidden. That saves you time and maintains HIPAA compliance.

With the number of high profile HIPAA compliance breaches lately, there's been more industry talk about HIPAA security. The last thing you want is the embarrassment of personal health information in unauthorized hands. Backup tapes, data servers, and even the standard schedule screen are a potential HIPAA compliance faux pas. Curve Hero is the dentist's and the office manager's best friend when it comes to HIPAA compliance. From our 100% compliant data centers to the straight-forward, role-based security systems, Curve Hero will help the office manage in this important aspect to dentistry.

Smooth Transition

You might be wondering about transitioning from the old way to the new way. We've developed some really innovative training processes that cut the dental software training time in half but actually increase retention by about two. Quick, back-of-the-envelope math says that's about four times as effective as the traditional dental software methods. We'll map it all out for the office manager and the dentist. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the change. Oh, and Data Conversions. Yes, we do them well—darn well.

We are committed to improving workflow in the dental practice. Actually we're committed to putting a smile on the face of every office manager in every dental practice. To do that, we focus on helping the dental office manager create workflow that's smoother than a baby's behind. Call us to see a demonstration of our web-based dental software. We're confident you'll be impressed with what you see.

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