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Doctors Love It

Perhaps when you graduated from dental school you didn't realize you would be wearing so many hats and have so many different titles: Dentist, Business Manager, Patient Educator and Advocate, and so on. Sometimes you even play the role of therapist! Curve compliments your different roles and helps each hat fit just right. Let's take a closer look at how Curve Hero helps you excel in each of these roles.

Stellar Clinical Management

Are you ready for a fun process? Just check out how Curve Hero helps you accomplish charting for better dental clinical management:

  • No Learning Curve. The dental chart interface is clean and simple and surprisingly devoid of mystical charting buttons to decipher.
  • More Accurate. We all know that most teeth do not have a single occlusal surface. Well, now your charting system knows it too. With a demo you'll see firsthand how Curve Hero can chart multiple occlusal surfaces on the same tooth and still get the right billing code. You've never seen software do this before.
  • Faster Charting. The Curve Hero chart is designed so that restorations can be painted right on the tooth using the mouse, which means you can chart a multiple-surface restoration, like an MOD, in milliseconds.
  • Intuitive Workflow. The secret behind our success in designing dental charting software that dentists and staff love is the designer himself, who happens to be a dentist.
  • Simple Treatment Planning. The defining test of whether treatment planning software is easy or not is asking the dentist if the same task can be done faster on paper. The Curve Hero dental chart passes this test with flying colors.
  • Fun Charting. Being able to complete charting in a quick, simple and intuitive manner adds a bit of brightness to any day. The Curve Hero chart will put a smile on the face of any dentist or clinician that uses it for the first time.
  • Web-based Convenience. Because the dental chart in Curve Hero is web-based you can access patient data from any computer with a browser and Internet access. Can you imagine life without a cell phone? You can remember those days, but you'd never go back to that lower level of communication. That's how you'll feel about Curve Hero's charting software. It's so simple and elegant; you'll experience a lifestyle change and never want to go back.

Exceptional Business Owner

You spent years in school learning to be a top notch oral health provider. Perhaps another two years of business school really didn't sound that interesting at the time. Now, you realize that a little assistance in the "business" side of things could be really helpful. Curve Hero can be that assistant. We focus on quality and appropriateness. Some dental software providers will cram hundreds upon hundreds of reports into their dental software and think that will impress you with their understanding of business.

But no MBA graduate worth their salt is going to look through hundreds upon hundreds of reports. A good steward of business will identify the key metrics and watch them closely, continually improving their results. And in the interest of efficiency—because time is money—they'll only want one report to deliver the information they're looking for.

Curve Hero helps you do just that. Instead of volumes of inflexible structured reports, we provide the dental office staff the ability to get at the information they want and then save that view for reference. Certainly we provide a standard set of useful, relevant reports, but it's the elegance and flexibility of getting to just the right metrics for your practice that we provide. Talk with one of our charming dental software experts to see firsthand what we can offer and how it can be tailored to fit your practice like a glove.

Dazzling Patient Educator and Advocate

If you're like many dentists, you have a personal interest in the quality of care you provide. You want to make sure that your patients understand and are delighted in your services. Also, your staff strives to ensure that your patients take full advantage of the insurance benefits they have. In the end, you and your dental office are really advocates for the patient. Curve Dental understands this, from our people-friendly design to our integrated patient education tools.

True to the Curve Hero character, our dental patient education software is clean and simple to use. All of our 3D animation videos are fully narrated and you'll love the real-life graphics, which were created by a real-life clinician, just like you.

Having effective dental patient education videos at your fingertips helps you leverage your position as patient advocate. Usually, the cause for any patient to forego treatment is due to a lack of understanding. The better you can explain what is wrong, why it is wrong, and how it can be fixed, the more likely your patients are to accept treatment. Better case acceptance equals better patient oral health.

One of our charming dental software specialists can tell you more about Curve Hero and how it can help you manage your dental practice, regardless of what hat you need to wear. Contact us today!

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