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Dental Patient Treatment Planning

Curve Hero has dental treatment planning software features that every dentist will enjoy. When you stop to think about it, there are only really a few capabilities a dentist is looking for when planning any treatment:

  • Multiple Treatment Plans. Even the most simple of cases can become complicated. For any restoration the dentist can present a case with an amalgam, a resin or add some bling with a gold alternative. All of that is a piece of cake with Curve Hero's dental treatment planning software. You simply move procedures around between plans like a row of cards; simply click and drag a selected procedure to another plan, or place it in a different order, or delete it all together.
  • Multiple Appointments for a Single Plan. Some dental treatment plans can get complex, requiring two or more appointments to accomplish all of the procedures within the plan. Curve Hero's planning software lets the dentist and their staff split a plan into as many different appoints as deemed necessary, with drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Treatment Plan Documentation. When the dentist keeps careful records of proposed dental treatment the results are improved patient care and a more solid foundation if you need to challenge litigation. The dentist can record which treatment plans were accepted and when; and which were rejected and when.
  • Proposed Treatment Plan Costs. Once your patient understands what has to be done and why it has to be done, their next question for the dentist will be: "How much will it cost?" Curve Hero's dental treatment planning software simplifies the answer for both the dentist and the patient by showing the total cost of the plan, the amount any insurance will handle, and what portion of the total will be the responsibility of the patient.
  • Formal Treatment Plan Printout. Most patients may want to take the treatment plan home with them from the dentist to show a spouse or parent. The dental treatment planning features in Curve Hero's software let you print a beautiful, full-color presentation that clearly shows what procedures must be done, how much they will cost, how much the insurance will pay, and how much the patient is expected to pay.
  • Simple Operation. When you see how Curve Hero's software handles dental treatment planning tasks you'll be amazed by how clean and simple everything appears. Your attention will not be divided by many undecipherable buttons, tables and colors; something every dentist must see for him/herself.

To summarize, there are three important things you need to remember about Curve Hero's dental treatment planning software:

  • Simple to Use. You'll have an expert's handle on how to create any number of dental treatment plans within minutes. Yes, it's that simple.
  • Mirrors Your Lifestyle. For those times when a patient calls you, the dentist, at home with a question about your treatment plan, you can quickly access their dental plan because Curve Hero is web-based dental software. All you need is a browser and Internet access.
  • Improves Efficiencies. Because the dental treatment planning software is so easy to use you'll spend less time preparing the plan and more time talking to your patient about the plan. And whenever you can save time you're saving money.

You can learn more about our dental treatment planning software by seeing a demonstration. One of our friendly dental software experts can show you how quickly the dentist and their team can create, divide, schedule, record, and present any number of treatment plans. Simply complete the "Learn More" form below, send us an e-mail at, or pick up the phone and call us. Either way, you'll be speaking to someone who understands dental software. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental treatment planning. Call now! 1-888-910-4376

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