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Dental Office Billing Software

From a business perspective, there are three key tasks that the dentist and their staff must complete regularly to keep the dental practice open. One of those is billing; the other two are recall and insurance management. Dental Billing is critical to every dentist, not only because it is a means whereby the DDS is reimbursed for their services, but it's also an extension of the dental office. Here's what dentists and dental offices are saying about our dental billing services:

  • Effective Statements. Dental billing statements that are easy-to-understand and professional are more likely to solicit full payment for the DDS than statements that are busy and confusing. Curve Hero provides the dentist and the DDS office exactly what they need in this software: clear and concise details, easy-to-find balance, payment instructions, and a list of other dental appointments for members of the same family.
  • Easy to Learn. Of course, the DDS office needs to send a statement that's accurate. Curve Hero's crisp, clean approach to dental billing software is unique; again, you'll be surprised by how simple the screen appears. Our simple approach to designing software for the dentist and their office greatly contributes to more accurate accounting statements.
  • Professional Printed Statements. A dentist's statements are an extension of his/her brand. Your patients are creating a quick, strong impression of your DDS practice when they see that dental billing statement arrive in the mail. Curve Hero lets the dentist print a professional statement, without having to spend money on expensive pre-printed forms. Our program lets the dentist attach the office's logo to the statements, which you can print to any color or black-and-white printer.
  • Effortlessly Post Payments. Some days the morning mail can deliver an armful of patient and insurance payments. Our dental billing software helps the dentist make light work of the task of posting all payments to the correct accounts. The DDS office manager will see that payments are automatically applied to the insurance portion or the payment portion, depending upon who the payee is. This eliminates another step on the part of the DDS and their staff. And that saves time, which saves money—something the dentist will appreciate.
  • Superfast Adjustments. Life for the DDS and their office staff isn't simple, and a day doesn't go by when adjustments must be made to a number of accounts for a variety of reasons. Because the office manager or DDS can quickly search and find a patient's account, and just as quickly make the necessary adjustment to the patient's account, life is good. The secret to our dental billing software's speed is that workflow is always kept on one window; the end result is a quick mastery of the dentist's billing chores.

Our dental office software can be summed up in three easy words:

  • Easy to Learn. True to the Curve Hero character, the dentist and the DDS office staff will enjoy the simplicity of our dental billing software. The staff of any DDS office will quickly master our dental billing features.
  • Easy to Access. It's not uncommon for the dentist to receive phone calls after hours. With Curve Dental, a DDS can access patient accounts from any computer. All you need is a browser and Internet access, because Curve Hero is web-based!
  • Easy to Complete. We designed our software with one goal in mind: Efficiency! The faster the DDS, office manager or staff can enter dental billing information or retrieve information, the more time you'll save. And when you save time you save money and provide better care for your patients.

Every DDS office manager—and the dentist—will want to see how Curve Hero's patient billing software performs under the most demanding circumstances, and the best way to get start is by seeing a demonstration. One of our friendly dental software experts can show the dentist, the DDS office manager and anyone else who may be interested every little feature and benefit Curve Dental’s dental billing services has to offer.

To see a demonstration of our neato dental billing features, complete the "Learn More" form below, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone and call us. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental software. Contact Curve Dental today. 1-888-910-4376

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