The Price of Web-based Dental Software

If you're asking about price then you must be serious about switching from your current dental software to the land of milk and honey—that would be us. With regard to your wallet (or pocketbook, as the case may be) we require a modest implementation fee and then your first month's subscription fee.

What's in the modest implementation fee?

The implementation fee provides training for you and your staff, conversion of your existing patient data, configuration of our systems, a barbeque at our office to celebrate a new customer, and a host of other, behind-the-scenes work required to make you feel part of the family. See our training page to see how our approach to staff training will save you time and money. With regard to data conversion, we prefer to examine a "slice" of your current data and then tell you what can and can't be converted.

What's in the monthly subscription fee?

Your subscription includes access to technical support, redundant hosting of your data, comprehensive and verified redundant backups of your data, and upgrades (that you never have to install or worry about). Our fee is based upon the number of doctors in your practice, not by staff, the number of computers in your office, or how often you vacation in Disneyworld.

What's not in the monthly subscription fee?

Electronic services and bridges to other applications. What you'll like about our electronic services fees is that they're all flat rate—send as many as you want for one low price. Kind of like saddling up to the buffet.

Curve Hero Pricing

Please call us at 888-910-4376 and we'll provide you with some basic pricing after we learn more about your practice, your goals and whether you prefer Diet Coke or Classic Coke. You can also reach us via e-mail at

To summarize, there are three important things you need to remember about us:

  • Simple to Use. Our dental software is easy to learn, which reduces training costs. The typical Curve Dental practice requires only ten hours of training to become proficient—that's less than half of the time required by other systems! You won't close your office for training and lose valuable production time.
  • Mirrors Your Lifestyle. If you're conducting life's everyday tasks on-line, why shouldn't you be able to manage your practice on-line as well? Our dental software is a reflection of how you want to utilize technology in your life.
  • Improves Your Bottom Line. When your office is more efficient, meaning common tasks are completed in less time, your practice can re-direct resources to other tasks that generate revenue. In other words, you'd rather spend time filling your appointment book (or blocking time off for yourself) than messing around with dental software that requires oodles of training, patience and language that would embarrass even a sailor.

To learn more about Curve Dental, complete the blue "Request a Sales Quote" box, e-mail us at, or pick up the phone and call us. 1-888-910-4376

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